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Here is one major difference between Michael Vick and Rush Limbaugh: Despite his many drawbacks, Vick has a talent which is marketable. His team has made a decision, based on capitalistic merits, that the benefits of his skills outweigh the damage caused by having an ex-con guilty of a animal abuse on the team. (Granted, many will dispute that there is a net benefit, but that is an argument for another day.) Rush Limbaugh offers nothing but money, money which can easily be gotten elsewhere by other buyers, and also is also guilty of holding many socially unacceptable habits, mainly, he makes racially insensitive comments. ( There is no vast left-wing conspiracy here. Basically, the NFL made a decision based purely on capitalistic motives. They simply were unwilling to take on the expense of being in a business relationship with Rush Limbaugh. Remember dittoheads: There's no crying in football!