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Will look forward to reading this book, as I have the others. I think often about how many character traits we have in common. God fearing men who have love for animals, for nature, for the power of weather, an innate curiosity on how technology works, but also the social and humanistic perspective on the impact technology has on individual and professional work flows. I'm not the fisherman nor sailor you are, but I spent my formative adult years in the woods and learning the art and science of the war machine. I think we also share a pragmatic approach to public policy, and while idealist at heart, reasonable men seek consensus from all stakeholders, not merely shareholders. I suspect I will find many familiar themes in your book, David.
Toggle Commented Jul 12, 2013 on A Journey To My Country at View from the Mountain
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I have tried as best I can to become as device independent as possible. My NAS storage device holds all my pictures, historical documents, movies and music, backed up to a local store and Google. My second hand iPad really functions as social media hub, newspaper reader, and an all-day Evernote assistant. When it dies I'll probably look at something else, but I'm not tied to the device, nor am I passionate about it. Been in the cloud email/contacts for years with Gmail. Actually migrated all of my old messages into Gmail several years ago, so no local mail I have to worry about.
Toggle Commented Feb 24, 2013 on Why Writing About Apple Is Such Fun? at Applepeels
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I was able to snag a copy of Appleworks for Windows before I left Apple. I LOVED Macwrite.
Toggle Commented Sep 21, 2012 on Has Apple lost its soul? at Applepeels
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David, I strongly concur. I was issued a Dell D620 Core 2 Duo 60GB HD running XP for grad school in Jun of 2007. Several months ago, I upgraded the RAM from 2GB to 4GB for maybe 60 bucks. Another 54 bucks bought me a 360 GB, 7200rpm HD. Two screws and the new HD fit in the sled. Installed Windows 7 Professional, recognized ALL hardware and downloaded ALL necessary drivers and patches. Admittedly subjective, but I'd say my 4 year old Win7 machine is just as reliable and a bit faster than a 2 year old 13" Macbook Pro, both with 4GB of RAM. I suspect the 7200rpm HD in the D620 laptop has quite a bit to do with it, however. But the bottom line is Win7 is boringly reliable and fast, and I will say Office on Windows is MUCH better than the Mac. I use Postbox for email on Windows, I like the social media integration and Thunderbird extensions to sync with Google's address book.
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