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PAWS Progressive Animal Welfare Society
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Mark, thank you for your kind words of support and we are so delighted that Haley has found a loving home here in the Northwest with you. We love that some of our best educators about our work are our fabulous adopters and donors.
Toggle Commented Aug 2, 2019 on Texas Dogs get Second Chance at PAWS at PAWS News
Thank you for sharing your experiences, Ceci. I know a cat who lived to be 21, and my own personal oldest cat, Siouxsie, lived to be 19. My 15-year-old boy acts like a cat half his age; he just had his semiannual senior vet checkup yesterday and my vet is very impressed with how healthy he is. I only wish more people would be happy to adopt elder kitties because you really can enjoy many years together. Cheers, JaneA Kelley
Toggle Commented Feb 25, 2016 on Abby: Where is she now? at PAWS News
Thank you, Susan. We are fortunate to have some excellent photographers working at our wildlife center. I'll pass your compliments on to them.
Typepad HTML Email Cuddle time is certainly one of the perks of volunteering at PAWS, Michelle but sadly all our positions have an element of cleaning/mopping involved! Well keep you posted if this changes :) Katherine Spink Online Communications Coordinator
Typepad HTML Email Glad you enjoyed it Skip Bins Now and thank you for your support, we couldnt do what we do without compassionate people like you! Katherine Spink Online Communications Coordinator