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Jim, you have good company on this prognostication. No-one could have guessed the Dow would actually break the 10,000 barrier this soon, approximately a year after the real estate bubble burst. But now we're setting ourselves up again, as Barney Frank & Maxine Waters are once more requiring lending institutions to give sub-prime loans to non-qualifying home-owner wannabes if they want to get on the government "Good List". I think that they believe we can just print more money and it will all be OK when these loans begin fail, too. We'll just have to bail out the banks again. It worked once, why not again?
Powerful piece! Unfortunately, not everyone who reads it will get it, but that just separates the wheat from the chaff. J. D. Sumner once noted that "Salvation doesn't mean you suddenly get smarter. If you were an idiot before you got saved, you'll just be a saved idiot after."