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I find peace and serenity in doing my art. My first class with She Art Matters. It's really helped me through some lows being so far separated from my family. Thanks as always for sharing.
WooHoo! I thought I saw yo in the commerical the other day. Gotta remember to set the DVR. GO Team Tomlinson!
Christy, I've been a great fan since before the First She Art Class. I too just love your positive spin and energy. When you loose your word for something, I'm always there to help! : ) Good job sweets! Enjoying the workshop, keep growing and balancing as you go!
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Christy, you are one of the strongest, smartest women I 'know'. To have realized realtively early one that life was spinning away and to grab the reins again, good for you! I would like to take this course as it intrigues me how you'll mess your art with Art. Interesting! thanks for sharing.
Kidney stones are so gruesomely painful, my heart goes out to you. I've suffered from them for years. I always drink plenty of fluids in the hopes of washing those puppies out, the pain comes from them moving around in the kidney-so they doc said. I had to 'catch' one once, it was the size of a grain of sand yet had created pain that can only childbirth can come close to comparing (i've done both). Good luck and a speedy recovery.
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Wow! girly. You are just busting at the seams with all kinds of good news lately. That's just totally awesome. I believe you have worked very hard and long to achieve the bounty coming your way. Good for you. Congratulations on your blessings.
I love summer because of the warmth generated by the sunshine reaches down and warms my soul.
Congrats papaw! Being a grandparent is totally awesomeness to the extreme. Enjoy!
Toggle Commented Sep 10, 2010 on Congratulations Grandpa Lindsay! at Cosmo Cricket
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We have a new baby girl arriving soon in the extended family. I could really use some beautiful Chic Bebe Girl papers to work with! My favorite quote comes from my father, "Let's get going! We're burning day light!" He'd use this when he became impatient with us or others. I use it myself but not as often. I miss him.
Hey thre! Congratulations. You are are growing by leaps and bounds! I am from the Dallas Ft Worth area but currently living in Shelton , WA. Love the blog and new Chic bebe lines, awesomely cute. Best wishes, Kim
McGary. Love the stamps. TFS.