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Just asking Mr. Kamin, Is it possible to do a fair piece on the property that is your new boss's Home office? BK: Of course it is. I've written about Zell before and will continue to do without fear or favor.
It is indeed a building worth saving. In some ways Zell has managed to do that, When he moved his operations there the west loop was not as desirable as it is today. The Daily news had moved out when the Sun-Times bought it. Before Zell the building fell into disepair due to lack of tenants. There has been much improvement since it became his home office. The plaza is a wonderful place and there is talk of restoring the fountain. One interesting thing you can take a Metra train into the downtown Ogilvie Station , get off the train and use the closed bridge connecting the buildings, walk through the building concourse and out the door to a boat dock get in a commuter boat and ride the river to the Wrigley building , cross lower Michigan and be at the Chicago Tribune.