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I'd like to suggest an alternative that has the COBOL II issues worked out, is faster than isCOBOL, and is the source from which isCOBOL was copied: LegacyJ. As the newly appointed CEO for LegacyJ, I will be relaunching the company in the next few weeks, building on our 12-year history of designing the fastest modernization solutions in the industry. Before Java was recognized as a standard, our architects had selected it as the Object-Oriented Standard of choice, and invested heavily in providing 16 different COBOL flavors, as well as utilizing the industry-standard Eclipse technology and offering a CICS replacement product. Among those different variations of COBOL, we worked with both HP's COBOL and COBOL II, though the resultant database activity will most certainly move to one of the SQL standard database engines available from those little companies like Oracle, Microsoft. We focus on providing rapid translation of your COBOL assets, freeing up your budgets to consider future choices after quickly moving to more affordable platforms. If you'd like to work with the Original COBOL-to-Java translation company and get your HP COBOL II handled in a hurry, feel free to contact me anytime: Daniel Myers, CEO, LegacyJ 408-401-8750
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LegacyJ (which was Synkronix many years ago...) has had HP compatible COBOL and Cobol II solutions -- among 16 others -- for years. 12 years ago we solved the Cobol transition problem by providing a cross-compiler / translator to allow rehosting without re-engineering, moving your applications over to the Java Virtual Machine environment. If you're on a mainframe, you'll save 90% of your HW/SW budget: if on an HP3000, you can modernize more rapidly than other approach. Our high-speed Cobol compiler is written in C and generates an intermediate Cobol/Java code that can be maintained in Cobol or Java, works in any JVM-compatible environment, and is primarily used in Windows and Linux server situations. We generate Java bytecode, which operates with a runtime module to facilitate the operation on the more modern, affordable platforms that lend themselves to further modernization steps. Veryant's approach is much like ours, having been copied [without permission] from our original, patented technology -- though they decided to write their compiler in Java, trading speed for some notion of portability. If you would like a bridge between your current Cobol environment and cost-effective platforms, full HP COBOL support, continued Cobol maintainability while you move to Java or another new set of tools, and would like to experience the fastest Factory Translation in the industry, please contact me. Daniel Myers, CEO, LegacyJ
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