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Hello Mary, The current book I would own if I could have only one would be: "The Way of Mastery" Published by the Shanti Christo foundation. I first was introduced to "The Course in Miracles" about 30 years ago, and more recently was getting my spiritual connection from a set of 6 volumes written by Baird T. Spaulding - "The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East" wherein Baird wrote of speaking and being in the presence of Jesus and Buddha on one of his sojourns in the high himalayas in the middle of the last century. I was just recently introduced to "Mastery" wherein Jeshua (Jesus) teaches in 35 lessons in our current language (He may have even referenced hard drives) how we can also become a Master as he and others have done. It has the same or even better ring of Truth that the course did and does, however it is much easier to understand than the Course is, from my perspective. "Mastery" was channeled recently, published in 2005, so I suspect that the connection of more folks on the planet to Spirit is now more complete than it was back when "Miracles" was channeled, and Jeshua is more able to speak more plainly. It may be that enough folks have done the work of "Miracles" so that his message, which is the same, can more easily be communicated. Namaste, David