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OK, make my cry too.I have wanted to attend and wasn't able to in the previous conferences. And this year I so NEED to be there. But, alas, I have recently aged out and will be doing a series of radiation therapy in Houston, so I couldn't come even if I was still 39. So any one who is wavering...just go already! You WILL be disappointed if you never do it. You WILL regret not giving yourself this tremendous gift! Now would someone please make a place for us who are not so young and yet not so old? Under 50 is still younger than the vast majority of the people we serve in proximity to!
Toggle Commented May 20, 2010 on Register for the Conference! at Fidelia's Sisters
I am so there with you! My background is a little different in that I am an immigrant child. My parents came to the US just weeks before I was born and they instilled in me a global world view. To fly a US flag in worship is to say that only the US is important to God. As I started out in my first student placement I was appalled at the patriotic display made of Memorial Day, Independence Day and Veterans Day. Grown men nearly came to fists when an elderly man wouldn't stand as we sang one of the patriotic hymns. He was OLD! And the wearing of military uniforms in this entirely lay-lead service was too much. Yes, I can give voice to the sacrifice, but at the same time I'm praying fervently never again will we go to war, let there be peace on earth! And it always make me step back from myself when I feel emotions rising during those hymns. What is that?! I think it must be pride in the life I have coupled with shame for not doing more for the world.
Toggle Commented May 20, 2010 on Flying the Flag at Fidelia's Sisters