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Mine are: 1- One step at a time 2- Breathe just breathe 3- Keep moving forward (heheh I know its form a Disney movie Meet the Robinsons, but the meanign of it is soooo true. No matter if you failed its ok, just keep going) 4- Always make time for hubby Love the clothes, thanks for the opportunity!!!
Wilton tip #48!!! :)
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Am so glad that you are enjoying so much your maternity leave, as well as Kara and Nathan. LOVE that picture of you an Liam sleeping, its adorable!! Try to rest as much as you can
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He is beautiful!!!!!!! Congrats Bree, Luke, Kara and Nathan
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Thanks for the updates, I was wondering how you guys were doing!!! Let me know how it goes with the DVD, I think I might buy it. Updates from my side: -My dear boyfriend finally proposed, we get married in 3 weeks -Got a promotion at work (yay me!!!) -Our first baby (Sarah, 2 years old this Tuesday) is growing wonderfully, just as Kara -Our second baby finally let himself be seen, so we know that its a he (BF and I are still fighting over names) Well just an overview Am so glad you guys are AOK
WOW!!! 1 year already He looks so cute
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Happy b-day Bree, Kara and Nathan!!!!! Am glad that you had such a great day celebrating with family and friends
Wow 22 months already!!! They are growing so fast, mine included :'( Kara looks so adorable with the broom. Sarah does the exact same thing, but with the Swiffer. Sarah is now watching 2-3 shows a day, distributed in 20 min each during the day, Dora the explorer, Curious George and The Backyardigans.
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I love this list, and the idea. I could help you out with # 13 (I am a native Hispanic so I can help you with that) Also I could help you out with #59 and # 80. I currently live in Costa Rica, my home country, and we have some of the best white water rafting experiences here as well as with the surf. I know that you might probably say hell no, but its just an idea, hehe.
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I really don't know where to start!!!. WOW 8 months already. Congrats on the first tooth, and as comments above: I can totally relate to the feeling, when Sarah had her 4 teeth break out, at 4 months old (yes I know 4 at once, horrible). I though, what happened?? When did time fly by?? Where is my baby??? But oh well they have to grow, even though we don't want to. :) For the baptism, anything that you know he is feeling comfortable in, (of course for the big event has to be super cute), but something that you know he is comfortable in. Because if he is not comfortable, he will make sure that you know and then caos will come, and then you wont be able to enjoy such a wonderful milestone. Well thats my thinking. Hope it helps
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