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Perhaps a few other sociopsychological dynamics are also at play such as: - medicalization of the problem ie. 'this is not the real 'me' talking, this is a type of illness'. This is a bit different spin than abandoning free will - because it is a sociological accepted mode of abandoning free will. Another example of medicalization, which is apparently socially acceptable, is parents (lawyer and a cop) of a reckless driving kid that totaled a car speeding around a corner, caused $250,000 damage, but avoided a court case by enrolling him in a study of 'why kids speed'. 'It was not him being irresponsble, and it was not us for not disciplining him, it is some mysterious psychological problem that drove him to drive too fast. - There also seems to be a confused and soft sort of 'insanity plea' to cover his loss of impulse control. But my strongest impression of his behavior was that he acted as if he was at a small party with people that mostly knew him, and were used to mutually joking around, and there happened to be a microphone and this seemed like pretty natural behavior to him at the time. What did not seem to be apparent at all in the Leno interview is any evidence of being coached by someone in public relations. Given that he has the money he has, it would be interesting to know why he did not go with some credible advice to apologize profusely, with no excuses. How, somehow, he could not even find his way to a reasonable reflective level of dealing with the situation even with the assistance of expertise available to him given his wealth. How does one even miss it then? That's not just about abandoning the notion of free will. There is a larger societal rift there.