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Silent Hill
Headphones and speakers are more important than FOOD!
Interests: music, writing, photography, metric, maintaining some semblance of a social life
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Hey, Briggins, that would be me. :P It's understandable that you would forget. I'm more active on the forum than here, anyway!
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There's this restaurant where I live that requires you to sign a waiver in order to eat some of their food. The first drink that came to mind would be called "Sick Muse", and it would be a mix of various alcoholic drinks that you would (wait for it) have to sign a waiver to drink. I don't really know what drinks would be in it, but you'd have to have a pretty tough liver! :P
Were you at the Indies? It was a really amazing experience to see Metric walk across the stage to accept an award in person.
I'd rather not think about this yet. As Gerard so helpfully pointed out to me earlier, this thing won't be out for a long time, since they're in the pre-writing stages. Fantasies proved that it's bad to get too excited too soon!
"Every ten year old enemy soldier thinks falling bombs are shooting stars sometimes, but she doesn't make wishes on them." I remember IOU as the first Metric song I listened to after cautiously purchasing Old World Underground, Where Are You Now? after Live It Out turned around my musical world. It was definitely worth it!
Not to make a complaint out of the tragic situation in Haiti, but... Celine Dion? Justin Bieber? Clearly, you guys are the only act worth watching. On to a more important note, it really is terrible what's going on in Haiti. I helped out my school to raise nearly two grand, and have a couple personal donations of my own. Hopefully all of the ignorant lumps in the world will recognize what's happening and do everything they can to help. I have nothing but good wishes for the Canadians AND Haitians out there.
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Since Grow Up and Blow Away is my least favourite Metric album, I'd want that to be remixed the most, to hear what different bands do with the songs on it. In particular, I'd want to hear what You Say Party! We Say Die! would do with, say, The Twist or On the Sly.
Anthems Anthems Anthems Anthems Anthems Anthems Anthems Anthems Anthems Anthems Anthems Anthems x1239230298435 It always changes, as I discover more and more photos of the band, but for now, this one is for sure my favourite. But who knows, it could change tomorrow!
Metric connected to me the Canadian indie bands they were associated with, like Broken Social Scene, Stars, The Stills, Feist etc. etc. etc.
(Even though this was yesterday's question, I'm gonna answer it) Extensive tour, for sure. Things are going pretty well for them with Fantasies right now, so I don't think they should block themselves up to record a bunch of new material... yet. More than anything though, I just can't wait for my fourth Metric show which will definitely be sometime this year!
Green, blue, AND pink. It was a great year for Metric. Congratulations guys!
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Dec 22, 2009
Really? NO ONE is going to say Monster Hospital?
Josh lists his top ten of '09. Continue reading
Posted Dec 21, 2009 at Metric
Live It Out. Colour scheme is much nicer, and I enjoy how Emily's face sort of melts into the background.
None. I would bring a well-equipped ship and crew to sail me back home, so I could listen to all the Metric music I wanted.
Does anybody know when Metric will be making the acoustic EP available here on the website? Wouldn't want to buy it from anywhere else! Oh wait... I'm Canadian. Never mind. Continue reading
Posted Dec 13, 2009 at Metric
I purchased the "Limited Deluxe Edition" bundle of Fantasies prior to its release. I was wondering how to change the e-mail address associated with that purchase, as it would suck for me to miss out on any special offers! Continue reading
Posted Nov 3, 2009 at Metric
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Oct 9, 2009
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Oct 9, 2009
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Oct 8, 2009
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The End Has No End (The Strokes Cover)
Metric does The Strokes! This cover of "The End Has No End" is great!
Oct 5, 2009
There's this guy I know. He's only heard ONE Metric song (that song being Combat Baby), is buying a ticket for the Hamilton show of friggen' KIJIJI! This kid is a pompous ass and I'd hate to see him ruin... Continue reading
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Sep 29, 2009