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I am currently reading Packaging Girlhood and have found it to be a real eyeopener. I also have an 8 year old daughter with three AG dolls (I am mentioning that in case I sound like an AG apologist employee. I'm not! Just some one who has invested heavily in their products.) While I see the point you are making about AG's depiction of homeless children, I think the original NY Post article which you link to has really twisted the situation. AG is not marketing a homeless doll as such (as in, "Hey! Let's corner the homeless market!";) Gwen is a character in the series of books released to coincide with the launch of Chrissa, which is this year's American Girl. The story as it focuses around Chrissa is that she is in a new school and being bullied. Gwen is the only other visible outcast at the school, and as Chrissa tries to befriend her, she learns that Gwen is homeless. There is a lot going on in the Chrissa books, of which Gwen's story is only a part. I like your suggestion that AG donate money from the sale of the Gwen dolls to programs or shelter who help homeless family, but I find it difficult to condemn them for the cost of their doll--it's in keeping with the rest of what they do. Not a defense, but I wanted to speak up on AG's behalf because I felt the original article was so scathing, and that the tone of your post took its cue from the original source.