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Carole-- I agree. You can pay to get fans very effectively. But you have to keep paying to get into the newsfeed-- very effective, too, but can be expensive. Nurturing fan growth and engagement is a paying proposition. That said, we've had an excellent experience running mobile ads on Facebook-- CPM is up to $9, but the CTR is more than proportionately offsetting it.
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Sylvia, Thanks for the coverage of the event. It was an honor to present to your group. Anyone who wants a free Facebook dashboard analyzing their business, please ask them to email and we'll respond. Best, Dennis
Toggle Commented Aug 21, 2011 on Master of Social Media Marketing at Berkeley Blog
What if you are both an entrepreneur and a consultant? We power the Facebook marketing for a number of brands, leveraging that money to pay our bills. Plus, the product we're building for a fast food chain with 5,000 locations can be reused for a small business that has only 1 location. We deal with "strategy" and meetings during the day, while at night we move at hyper speed. Most of the folks in our company have two jobs. While VC funding would solve working capital issues, the scrappiness of entrepreneurship force us to be creative and very selective in what we do, which I believe results in a better product. But like Auren and Steve said-- we're all in!
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Mark, it was good seeing you at the show and also doing some hiking in Boulder!
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Zusha, well-spoken and it was great seeing you yesterday!
Hi Connie, Good post on HFCS! Did you notice that also wrote about HFCS here, too, and agrees with you? I was shocked by these facts because I had read the propaganda that HFCS is good for you- even though common sense says that can't be right. Dennis
Now I'm signed in from Facebook, so just wanted to see if I can get the icon for my comment to be me instead of that orange box!
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Jay, One of the clearest expositions I've seen on Facebook monetization-- why don't you write for TechCrunch! And hooray for the brands that are coming in. Facebook is not a conspirator, but it also doesn't mean that many folks in a their big organization don't understand what's going on. Policing a new market is not easy, especially when you have limited resources primarily allocated to feature development, not enforcement. Bravo on your post
Jay, Great article! If you're a big advertiser, you also want to take care not to complain too loudly, else you might just get hammered down-- whether you do SEO or PPC. So I'll just mention that a major AdWords advertiser we both know (you were in his office last week) has a multi-million dollar AdWords campaign and we cannot for the life of us get it re-instated. I've had other guys get banned and Google has made extreme exceptions in bringing the accounts back. But for this mutual friend, despite our connections and spending levels-- could not get back in. Worse, we had complied with all changes in policy as they came-- and there were many. Of course, many folks will say they complied and that Google is evil. We're not saying that-- just saying that we came in as a white hat, had multiple folks at Google mention that the disapprovals were wrong and that they'd get back to us-- and then we never hear from them again. So where do we have to be-- in the $100MM a year spend to really matter? Would love some help if you have some insight or connections we're missing.... ---- Dennis, Thanks for the feedback. Having tried for two+ years to get reinstated, I obviously lack the proper connections. From my experience, Google is hesitant to do a reinstatement, because someone is then responsible and most people don't want to risk their internal reputation - even in your situation when they potentially erred. As for the spend level that matters, I believe it is now 250k/month on the low end but realistically closer to 500k before you get the all important dedicated account manager who has an actual name and phone number.