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SJ says: I doubt if he was very skilled in investing and spent 12 hrs/week looking at his investments that he could create much more income, but a mere 12 hours performing his career skills completely replaced his need for that entire nest egg altogether. We could draw a healthy retirement now too. But wife and I also work our own businesses a few hours/week. So not only do we not need to touch nest egg, delaying retirement withdrawal increses it 7%/year.
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Na, Thank you for taking the time to review this book, "Your money or your life". Everyone has nice things to say about the book, it's nice to see a contrarian viewpoint. What made YMOYL so mind-blowing for me was the whole idea of exchanging work/money for time. And that for most is a sea-changing experience. Again, thank you, I enjoy your blog and I learn a lot.
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There is funny. And there is really funny. Oh, so delicious.
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