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Judith: when I refer to the lack of options in the inner cities such as West, Oakland, CA and others, I'm talking about the dearth of shopping options such as they exist in more affluent communites, not the availibility of ethinic markets. I live in an area of Portland(east side, west of I-205)that has a Asian shopping ctr(Fubonn to be exact) and Uwajamaya in the West Side, plus a small tienda for Sud America fare, so I'm pretty lucky. Many places that have heavily AA populations such as W. Oakland, have to depend on liquor stores and McDonald's for sustanance. The "food justice" movement attempts to address this imbalance, by getting people in these underserved communities to grow their own food and create opportunities to provide better, healthier options, such as the People's Grocery in West Oakland: I believe that alot of us who see ourselves as localvores, etc. need to seriously address the structural racism involved in the inadequate availibility of healthy options for these communities for sustainablility to become more inclusive in it's approach. Finally, I applaud the fact that you are highlighting the obsticles in attempting to attain our oft-mentioned goals of sustainability and having locally-sourced food. I consider this a much-needed 'reality check' to the current pie-in-the-sky stuff being put out these days! Whilst CSA's and buying direct from farmers doesn't address the issue of carbon footprints, in alot of ways, it's more efficient than farmer's markets, as you've mentioned(although I can use our great transit system to get to many Farmer's Markets round town :)) And, as knee-jerk as I may have sounded, we simply must do something despite the obsticles you've mentioned, and make the tough choices that are gonna have to be made to save ourselves from ourselves. Ciao. eb
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While I don't see the gathering storm of any sort of 'backlash' against locally sourced food(and I admit, living in Portland, OR is a bit of a bubble), I do believe that any solution to developing a sustainable food model has to take into account the very real damage that is occuring to the evironment right now. The rapid melting of the ice caps may force us to grow some of our own food, etc. While it's not practical in any case to get everything local, the continued shipping and mass producing system not only is harming the planet, but isn't making us healthier. Pollan to me, is merely contributing to the needed dialog needed for arriving at a more sustainable food distro system. And, as an African American, I can tell you from experience, that other inner city communities are not being served very well by the current food distribution system.
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