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Steve, now this is the kind of email I wouldn't mind being forwarded to my inbox. Then again, maybe this was your boss' way of finally saying all the things they wished they could have said (just kidding!). Seriously, though, thanks for the laugh, Steve.
Toggle Commented Oct 1, 2010 on 15 Useful Phrases At Work at All Things Workplace
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Thanks Katie for the kind words about my piece on what leaders can learn from Twitter about being more effective in their communications. I'm glad you enjoyed it and I'm grateful to you for sharing this piece with your readers. - Tanveer.
Hi Becky, I agree with Jennifer that it's important that employers and employees recognize that leadership is not something that goes with a title; instead, it's an aptitude/ability that people can have at varying points in time to help their organization move ahead. The example you give about mothers and leaders reflects this perfectly since, as you pointed out, many of the tasks a mother does on any given day is much like those of leaders. It's also fun to see you writing about leadership and motherhood as I posted a piece today on this same subject called "Mothers - Our First Example of Real Leadership". It's interesting to see the different lessons/insights we can gain from looking at the role our mothers played in our lives as we grew up and how it connects to leadership.
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Congratulations, Becky, on reaching this major milestone in the blogging process. And you're absolutely right that this represents only the beginning. Best wishes for an inspiring, challenging and engaging route on reaching the next hundred. Cheers, Tanveer.
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