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According to how its set up you can get either H + OH or O+ H2. The O+H2 has the higher energy requirement. Nocera's PE (Personal Energy) Initiative for the world is: 2 or 3 meters (?) of solar cells, 4 hours a day provide total energy requirements for a home. This is 1366 X 3 meters X 4 hrs X 20% eff. = ~10 KW. Nocera would not screw up the math.
This is the vehicle that should be rented in the city at arrival points: airports, bus stations, train stations, etc. But more than that, they should be available throughout the city at charging stations and parking provided by the city. Your rental card should be all that's required to bill your use to a monthly bill as well as starting the car.
StatsOil is involved with the DME program run by Volvo, (they have 40 Diesel trucks running in Europe), the 3 Trillion cumeter Shtokman Field, the three 3 Tcf in the MacKenzie Delta, and the Keystone Pipeline from the Arctic to the Gulf of Mexico. They have interests with Dominion Power whose 20 coal generators, 15 gas fired, and 12 oil fired generators (15,000 Megawattt) will be converted to gas. The conversions of Dominion's coal and oil plants, the MacKenzie and Arctic Gas, and Russia's 20 year contract to offload LNG to the Central Atlantic pipeline will see Statoil and Hydro as a major player for the next 100 years.
I'm thinking about storage. A new type of thinking might be appropriate. For instance, principle generation moves to where ever the power is being generated. Solar moves across the country with the sun, wind with the storms, Principal production moves from solar to wind to hydro to tidal to back up DME power plants. Storage is in production of DME, hydrogen, and into individual auto-power-plants: charged during day, discharged at night.
Hi, Guys, I've been involved with some of this and it's absolutely essential that you absorb the momentum and apply it against the starting inertia. Use batteries for moving down the highway. Starting and stopping will kill you. Think of it as a 3-phase process: 'Starting' costs are canceled by 'Stopping' assets. 'Running' is separate account. Good luck!
We went through very nearly this same process when we changed some vehicles over to Propane in the '70's. After you get the system working (not much of a problem after the first one) it's a seamless process. Change from gasoline (liquid) to Propane (gas) with a simple lever on the dash. The engine noise drops way off due to the lack of pre-ignition and, now, even burning. Engines ran cooler, longer, smoother, and quieter.
Hi, Does anyone know if the factory blueprints are available to the public? Or possibly to 'us'? Pete