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Ben - You refer to "advance written restrictions" as a final out by the customer as a protection against loss. I'm reminded of rock star contract riders like the legendary Van Halen one that reads "There will be no brown M&M's in the backstage area, upon pain of forfeiture of the show, with full compensation." I'd imagine that there might be some similar reasonable advance written restriction that you could place that would be straightforward to agree to and to put into place but that would be difficult for a criminal to mimic. E.g. it could be a simple reporting requirement like "a notice of any transfer of greater than $1000 must be delivered via fax to (number) and email to (number) within 24 hours of the transaction". And while this would not prevent fraud from happening, it would put the burden back on the bank.
Jim - I am sure that mashups are useful; I've built a handful of them myself, using tools which I understand just barely well enough to make things work (but not to really understand them). My recent experience with extracting and transforming and interconnecting data coming out of local government sources has been frustrating in many cases, generally because the systems I end up dealing with either are closed off (except via FOIA requests) or that they are constructed in such a way that simple mashups fail. It's clearly possible for things to work, but it's more code, and especially more code that isn't really very valuable or quick to write. Given how frequently systems change some aspect of their public but not documented behavior, most mashups end up being pretty fragile. That means you either need super smart people coding them, or you need tools that are smart for the uncreative and diligent people who need the info, or you need to be prepared to have things break unpredictably from time to time. I wish the EMML effort well, but it sounds like hard work.
Is the Lake Champlain bridge open? No. "The bridge was closed abruptly Oct. 16 after an inspection showed severe erosion of pillar No. 5 below the water line." The detour is 82 miles if you miss the ferry.
Commented Oct 30, 2009 on No title at Is the Bay Bridge Open?
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That Dabeli "burger" looks really good, and completely within reach to cook.
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