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Papa Gede Nibo Bey
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Voodoo in the white house ? Voodoo has been used as a blanket term for all ATR. The first family is linked to ATR. A friend and I were joking Obama went to Kenya to get some of that " Kill A Mon Jah Rule " ( Kilimanjaro ) JuJu to win the election . His wife is Gullah/Geechee ( Hoodoo ).Ironically When Obama was capaining at SCSU ,we had to give up our African dance troupe space . My friend said Obama must have found my HooDoo stash . In the name ob de " KONKER ". Africans built de White House they hab un cemitari dere .
Placement or being " Placed " ? Topic List Reply | Forward | Delete Pres. Obama says he"a mut ( " mut " Egyptian Goddess of renewal ). First lady Michelle , is a Gullah/Geechee woman (Georgetown S.C. )nation building courageous amazon stock 5'11" . IsIs - Osirus ? Ex Pres .PaPa bush and his Queen were dressed in " Gede" colors complete with Gede"s walking staff .at the inauguration ceremony . In a placement like that the prophecy's can have a field day ? PaPa . En de name ob de "KONKER " ,long game stylee .