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You wrote: "I've articulated a strongly-held position; do you really think that reading these links is going to change my mind about Operation Cast Lead, the Goldstone Report, or the ethical standards to which I deeply wish Israel would hew?" Your wish that Israelis hew appropriate ethical standards cannot be stornger than those of Israelis themselves. As Golda Meir famously said, I can forgive what the Arabs did to us but not what they made us do to them. And yes, "made us do" is the operative term. The real difference between you and the average Israeli is that you (and Goldstone) do not have to pay in blood the price of that ethical standard and Israelis do. That knowledge should humble both of you for as the Talmud taught, "do not judge a person until you stand in his/her shoes." So tragic are those shoes that I wrote a blog ( entitled, Sharon is lucky to be in a coma. Less self righteousness and more humility may just open your mind to the plight of your correligionists and you'll stop setting yourself up as their judge and jury. It is most umbecoming a rabbi, especially one who does not see herself as a follower of Shamai.
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