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Thanks for weighing in with the long thoughtful comment. Super helpful to me, especially the international stuff!
Toggle Commented Dec 31, 2013 on Commentary on A Month Without iOS at VoIPWatch
Enjoy it! The company is really amazing. If you ever are in downtown SF and want to stop by, just ask me.
Great story dad - I'd never heard this one before. It is an awesome reminder that life is inches. Ben Casnocha came and visited last week. He had a Hyundai and lost control of it on the last curve near our house. He got lucky and just ended up in a ditch. Amy towed him out with her Range Rover - the Hyundai was such a weak car that it caught air when she pulled it out of the ditch!
Dad - you did an awesome job of capturing the essence of The Chautauqua. Wow. Chills.
Dad - this is a beautiful post. I miss Jack a lot - whenever I think of him I realize what a huge impact he's had on my life. I wonder if the car thing has translated as well - I never really thought about it but maybe it did. Can't wait to see you in Aspen in a week.
And that's what you get for having friends like me. Crazytown!
Toggle Commented Feb 20, 2012 on Crazytown at It is what it is
Super update to the presentation. I riffed on this - and other stuff - in a post today on Startup Communities titled Boston's Amazing Comeback".
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Allen - I put this up with some discussion as the VC Blog of the Day on Ask the VC at While I respectfully disagree with your perspective, I think it helps make the point that there are (a) plenty of different points of views, (b) that not all VCs, and (c) this means that entrepreneurs should know who they are dealing with before they just start pitching, or even building a relationship.
My recommendation for the current travel season is to (a) consider yourself luggage - - and practice sleeping while in the middle seat.
Toggle Commented Nov 22, 2009 on [Off topic] Road Rants at Super LP