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Hooboy are you spoiled! No one in my community has live in help or babysitting help of any sort,w e're stay at home moms and we manage just fine... gym? pedicure? Not even in my wildest dreams! The only time I panic is when I have a doctor or dentist appt. that's when I need a babysitter. otherwise, being a mother is my G-d-given job that I fought so hard for - just like you did - and I embrace it with such joy! I wouldnt even want to share it with someone else traipsing aroudn my home all day! I know your post was tongue in cheek but it did give me a chuckle... darling, you'll manage fine. and hugs to rose.
Toggle Commented Dec 10, 2009 on Revolting little fuckers at So Close
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great writing. you make every day occurrences come alive! refuah sheleima.