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"Sit on it."
It was laugh-out-loud funny BTW, I didn't mean to infer it wasn't. "But yes, I agree. Zizek and Marx aren't likely to sweep the studios and cafes of Hackney any time soon." You know one of the ironic things I find is how academic discourse (certainly in the social sciences) and policy discourse is itself very faddish. The uncritical take-up of Zizek is a case in point. I've not met many people who could espouse his name and one or two aphorisms as the 'key thinker' or offering a solution to (x or y). It's idea fashion. For every barbour jacket in ad-land in hoxton, there's a disingenuous peddler of ideas in other institutions of power.
Toggle Commented Mar 25, 2011 on An open letter to the hipster at potlatch
I'm not sure a call-to-action to be more serious and read Zizek or Marx is going to inspire anyone to fight for better economic liberalism. Can't it be a *bit* more fun (but not flippant or silly, no not at all)? Please...? ;)
Toggle Commented Mar 24, 2011 on An open letter to the hipster at potlatch
we are not worthy! have you seen the sci-fi meerkats? proper bonkers
Toggle Commented Nov 11, 2009 on Folksy: space invader scarf at Wonderland
Interesting. Plates. Napkins. A picture frame. Embroidery?
Toggle Commented Oct 20, 2009 on Crafting 76/365... at Lilley's handcrafted lovelies
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