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Did you ever hear the story about the politician that said what he needed to say to get elected? And then when he did get elected he suddenly started doing the things that he said he wouldn't do? I know, I know....which politician is it??? It is so hard to guess because there are so many of them. Yes, us gun owners are nothing but a bunch of paranoid good ole boys. We should just trust what the politician says because, well,,,politicians are just so trustworthy!
Toggle Commented Oct 24, 2009 on Will Obama take your guns? at Steve Chapman
The President has accomplished absolutely NOTHING in his 8 months in office. His policies have been vigorously opposed my main stream America. He surrounds himself with advisors that do not sync with main stream American's morals and ethics. His approval ratings have dropped significantly in his short tenure. This award is nothing but left wing Europe trying to prop up Obama's failed leadership. On the positive side Obama can now say he has finally accomplished something....even though he still hasn't done anything!