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Sherry Boschert
San Francisco
Co-founder, Plug In America. Author, "Plug-in Hybrids: The Cars That Will Recharge America"
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We're just days away from another historic U.S. election, so Plug In America created the first-ever legislative scorecard that lets voters know how their Senators and Congresspeople voted on legislation that was important for advancing plug-in electric vehicles. Consider this when deciding to vote for or against incumbent candidates who are running for re-election. And if you're in California, Plug In America urges you to vote "No" on Proposition 26, the polluter protection act, and vote "Hell, No!" on Proposition 23, the dirty energy proposition funded by Texas oil companies that want to destroy California's nation-leading environmental protections. Both of... Continue reading
Posted Oct 30, 2010 at In the Driver's Seat
West Coast Green. The Green Drive Expo. Bioneers. And the West Coast Corridor Coalition. Which of these events fits under the category of "pro-environment"? If you answered "all of the above," you'd be right. This is just a West Coast sampling of the many events Plug In America will be involved in over the next two months, and we've got some special deals for Plug In America members if you'd like to attend. Not a member? Join Plug In America today. Hey, non-West Coasters -- is there an event near you that could benefit from our participation too? If so,... Continue reading
Posted Sep 1, 2010 at In the Driver's Seat
Summer's almost over, but it's not too late to get in on Plug In America's summer reading special deal -- two great books for the price of one. Place your order before Labor Day to take advantage of this offer. For a $10 donation (plus $3 flat rate shipping), we'll send you a print copy of our 2010 consumer resource guide, "Charged Up & Ready To Roll: The Definitive Guide To Plug-in Electric Vehicles" ($8 value) plus a copy of the book that best tells the fascinating history of the past decade that led to our current EV era, "Plug-in... Continue reading
Posted Aug 24, 2010 at In the Driver's Seat
A traffic hazard? Not. Tens of millions of miles driven by RAV4-EVs have shown no risk from freewheeling but HAVE let us experience the fun and satisfaction that comes with letting the car coast when appropriate without the drag of regenerative breaking. Regen has its place, and is great, but so does freewheeling. I wish the new generation of EVs would give us both options, but so far theyre all designed to lock us into regen. -- Sherry
Neil, I agree. Unfortunately, Th!nk is not alone in limiting the fun fun fun freewheeling/coasting characteristic of EVs. As far as I know, every other plug-in vehicle maker with new cars coming onto market is making the default be significant regenerative braking mode too. Sigh. Guess Ive been spoiled in the past 5 years of driving the Toyota RAV4-EV. I hope at least one automaker decides to let us coast as the default mode, so that consumers can choose the vehicle they like best.
I believe he said that it would be an option, but cant remember for sure. Certainly, the brochure they handed out listed 2+2 optional second-row seating. Confusing. Remains to be seen, I suppose. Sherry
Th!nk was my first electric car, leased from Ford in 2002-2004. My wife and I loved that little car and were heartbroken when Ford canceled all Th!nk leases. Six years later, I got to drive the Th!nk again. (Photos: New Th!nk in red, old Th!nk in blue.) The company has returned to its roots as a Norwegian automaker, this time with a factory in Finland and another under construction in Elkhart, Ind. Some 1,500 or so Th!nks have been ordered in Europe, and 500 more will start going to U.S. fleets in late 2010, with U.S. sales to consumers expected... Continue reading
Posted Jun 25, 2010 at In the Driver's Seat
Wendy runs Mission Motors. See the link in my blog post, which you can find at Sent frm my handheld. Can u tell?
Brammo brought its electric Enertia motorcycle for test rides at the June 5 meeting of the San Francisco Electric Vehicle Association, and people seemed to like what they rode. I don't have a motorcycle license, and it's a one-seater, so instead of a first-hand account I interviewed two experienced riders who tested the Enertia in the videos above -- first Mike Gaylord, who currently drives a RAV4-EV, and second Wendy Epstein of Mission Motorcycles. Jennifer Rafiner of Ashland, Oregon-based Brammo introduced us to the bike and ran down the numbers for us. The Ernetia was designed from the ground-up to... Continue reading
Posted Jun 10, 2010 at In the Driver's Seat
Hey everyone -- see my May 22, 2010 post updating this topic. -- Sherry
Seems my blog post last week about GM planning an all-electric version of the Volt caused a bit of a stir. Not surprising, given the way this news came out. So let me recap how it happened, and you can decide for yourself whether you believe it or not. When GM invited 20 or so Plug In America leaders and former EV1 drivers to test-drive a Chevy Volt in San Francisco, they greeted us by (among other things) asking if we were on Twitter, encouraging us to tweet and video and blog and post all about our experience with the... Continue reading
Posted May 22, 2010 at In the Driver's Seat
To meet Californias clean-air regulations, automakers get the most credits for selling zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) like EVs, next-most credits for selling alternative technology partial zero-emission vehicles (AT-PZEVs) like PHEVs or EREVs, less for partial zero-emission vehicles (PZEVs) like hybrids (HEVs), and much less or no credits for conventional vehicles. The 10-year, 150,000-mile warranty requirements apply to HEVs, PHEVs and EREVs to make sure that they will be cleaner than conventional vehicles throughout the life of the car, and thus worthy of credits toward meeting clean-air regulations. EVs cant get dirtier if their batteries fail, but HEVs, PHEVs and EREVs can, which led to the warranty requirements. - Sherry
Chad, the reason they only have to add a little more battery for a full EV is that the Volt already contains about twice as many batteries as it really needs to go 40 miles on electricity. They designed it that way in part, I think, to meet California regulations requiring a 10-year, 150,000-mile warranty on hybrids. EVs dont need to be warranteed for that long.
Plug In America leaders and guests drove the Chevy Volt plug-in hybrid in San Francisco and got some cheery news from GM about an all-electric version that will follow 6 months after the Volt's launch in late 2010. GM reps set up cones for a test-drive route in a parking lot near the San Francisco Giants baseball park, where we took turns flooring the accelerator, playing with the regenerative mode, asking questions, and wearing mile-wide grins because this is finally happening -- the return of a plug-in electric vehicle by GM. Photo: GM's Tony Posawatz (back to camera) shows the... Continue reading
Posted May 18, 2010 at In the Driver's Seat
For the first time on U.S. soil, electric motorcycle racers will compete in the first round of the international TTXGP eGrand Prix on May 14-16, 2010 at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, Calif. Don't ask me what TTXGP stands for. Anybody know? It's not apparent on the eGrand Prix website, but you can find a discount on admission to the event, which is nestled into a larger West Coast Moto Jam of gassers. The electric portion touches all three days, though. See a schedule on Jennifer Broom's blog -- she's the only female rider in this round of the TTXGP, riding... Continue reading
Posted May 7, 2010 at In the Driver's Seat
What can be said about the BP oil spill that hasn't already been said? Plenty -- and you and I should be saying it. I'm inspired today by Plug In America co-founder Lisa Rosen, who wrote this in a letter to the editor of the Los Angeles Times that begins: "The hand wringing about the oil spill seems distant to me. Since my family started driving electric cars and using solar for our energy the last decade I feel psychologically distant. It is like watching senseless carnage from afar. Murphy's law has not been repealed. What is astonishing to me... Continue reading
Posted May 4, 2010 at In the Driver's Seat
Quick -- name the consumer product with the highest rate of recycling. Aluminum cans? Nah, a relatively wimpy 50%-80% get recycled. If you've been paying attention to Plug In America's FAQ page, you might guess car batteries -- and you'd be right. As John Voelcker reported last week in an excellent post on, 99% of 12-volt lead batteries in cars get turned in for recycling when they're replaced with new ones. Four months ago we cited the same Environmental Protection Agency data that Voelcker cited, in our list of the Top 12 Plug-in Electric Vehicle Myths. (See Myth #6.)... Continue reading
Posted Apr 27, 2010 at In the Driver's Seat
Plug In America supporters tend to come in two flavors -- environmentalists and people who are concerned about national security (though many overlap). On Earth Day 2010, both have reason to celebrate a new report, "Reenergizing America's Defense: How the Armed Forces Are Stepping Forward To Combat Climate Change and Improve the U.S. Energy Posture." The Pew Charitable Trusts sponsored a team of energy and security experts to produce the report, which notes ways that the U.S. military is trying to liberate itself from fossil fuels. One strategy -- the Army plans to use 4,000 electric vehicles (mainly neighborhood electric... Continue reading
Posted Apr 21, 2010 at In the Driver's Seat
In a random, nationwide survey of 1,752 U.S. adults, 26% said they're likely to consider buying a plug-in electric car the next time they're buying a new vehicle, according to That's tremendously impressive, considering that only one highway-capable electric vehicle (EV) is on the market today, the pricey Tesla Roadster. Seven percent of respondents said they were "very likely" to consider buying a plug-in electric car. Chances are, they haven't seen or driven one yet, but they've heard of them, thanks to the efforts of Plug In America and like-minded groups. Think about it -- There are approximately 218... Continue reading
Posted Mar 23, 2010 at In the Driver's Seat
dG -- Read about the EVs that will be available later this year in Plug In Americas 2010 resource guide,
Richard, you read my mind. In fact, I was debating whether to use the current headline on this blog post, or another -- Watch out, Zap! Youve Got Competition.
There's a lot of money being thrown around in the direction of electric vehicles these days, and where there's money, there are scammers and quick-buck manipulators. One of the jobs of journalists is to protect us by checking out information before passing it on. Last week, much of the media earned a great, big FAIL. Have you ever heard of Aurica Motors? I hadn't either, until the company issued a press release last week and a radio reporter called me asking about them. Numerous "green" media outlets and more traditional journalists gorged themselves on the press release from what they... Continue reading
Posted Mar 16, 2010 at In the Driver's Seat
This is the second in our short series of potential guest bloggers (if Plug In America starts a guest blog in addition to "In the Driver's Seat"). Chad Schwitters of Seattle describes the mental conversions that happen when one starts driving on electricity. As profiled in "Charged Up & Ready To Roll: The Definitive Guide To Plug-in Electric Vehicles," Chad and Carrie Schwitters use Puget Sound Energy's renewable energy program to power the family's three plug-in cars -- a Toyota RAV4-EV, a converted plug-in hybrid Prius, and a Tesla Roadster. Read on for how this changed their thinking. -- Sherry... Continue reading
Posted Mar 9, 2010 at In the Driver's Seat
Hi Richard - The Plug-in Vehicle tracker is updated monthly unless a more urgent project engenders a slight delay. Thanks for sending info about the Joule. - Sherry Sent from my handheld; please pardon brevity and typos.
Oops! Sorry, Missourians. Ill correct that.