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@Elenabee Welcome!!!!!!! =) What's Young Bae?
Toggle Commented Dec 1, 2009 on Who can pull off the hair better? at Kimchi Mamas
@Karen. i highly recommend digital perm. =) @anne, that sucks! mine lasted forever until my hair grew out... =)
OMG, my ex step mom gave me ajumma hair when I was in jr. high school too! and yeah, i swear she messed up my hair for life too. haha... i hear gallery? galleria? in s.f. is decent. and i'm sure there are good places in san jose area too... there aren't any good places in the east bay. i've tried a couple of places but all were meh... oh, near berkeley, there was a place called hair professor... this pushy korean lady cut my hair the way SHE wanted. it turned out ok but still...
@ Karen, your curly hair is BEAUTIFUL! =) yeah, it can get kind of funky looking when growing out if you have wavy/curly hair.. lol. the other perm i love is the digital perm. it gave me such a natural look... that was curly! hm.. maybe it's time to change my hair. i should do a post about this stuff!
I have straight hair and did get the "magic straight" perm several times... it was worth it cuz you don't need to blowdry. he he... and also it took the frizz out of my hair. yes, straight hair can be frizzy too. This one hair dresser i used told me that my dad's new wife didn't have a green card. LOL. I was like, really? that's not what she told me!
Just wrote to NPR to please cover this story. Yes, please write to your local stations to cover this story. SHAME is a great motivating factor when it comes to Korea.
Toggle Commented Nov 17, 2009 on Sign the Petition for Na Young at Kimchi Mamas
@so_yun fun fun fun i do need a new watch.
I really appreciated the mothering my mom did the first month or so.. but I felt so suffocated after that. She was living with us so that didn't help. I am so happy that your relationship with you parents are so good. It seems like they love you so much and you appreciate how they love you and it's so obvious also how much you love them back. Having a grandchild is such a special experience... i hope she was able to hold him as much as she wanted. =)
Toggle Commented Nov 5, 2009 on On Mothering at Kimchi Mamas
this interfacing with twitter is kind of touch and go
Toggle Commented Nov 5, 2009 on Open Thread Thursday at Kimchi Mamas
@mama to hapa I got several digital perms and were mostly happy with them. the place i used to go to was called Hair Art on garden grove but i'm not sure if they're there anymore... i think most of the korean places are pretty good. =) @insuni, my baby (4 months old) started daycare too. i'm going back to work in a couple of weeks. hang in there.... i've never had that problem before so no advice to give...
Toggle Commented Nov 2, 2009 on Open Thread Thursday at Kimchi Mamas
Sunbae is frequently translated "senior". Basically it's a person who is in an older class than you at a school. For example, if I am in college and i'm a freshman, i'd call all the sophomores, jrs. and srs sunbae. =) it's a term of respect. Conversely, hoobae means "junior" someone in a younger class than you.
Toggle Commented Oct 30, 2009 on Oppa, Unni, Hyung, Noona at Kimchi Mamas
oops, that was me above... and to clarify, i was visiting my dad in O.C. where it was still so very too much hot for me in october. haha
Toggle Commented Oct 29, 2009 on Kimchi Mamas Meet Up #2 at Kimchi Mamas
I am LOVIN' these comments. he he. happy to share the love. he started squealing the other day. it's so freakin' cute. now if he'd only stop crying like crazy from 6-8 pm.
Toggle Commented Oct 23, 2009 on Who can pull off the hair better? at Kimchi Mamas
I'm married with two kids and on maternity leave right now... going back to work in about a month. I fantasize about quitting my job and starting my very own non profit jewelry business, where all the proceeds will go to Compassion International, so that a little girl, about the age of 5, won't be sold into prostitution where sicko-s from America and other wealthy countries go on vacation but have the chance to go to school, be healthy, and make something of herself. OK. that was a bit too serious for a fantasy but yes, I do fantasize about this but right now, my boring desk job provides a roof over me and my family's head, health insurance, and some extra $$ so that we can support two little girls, one in the Philippines and one in Guatamala... and the one in the Philippines, she just started college. She may not be "my" kid, but she still matters...
Toggle Commented Oct 20, 2009 on Golden Handcuffs at MetroDad
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