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Well he did fine but it was the last 30 minutes of the game and Blackburn didn't have much speed going forward.
Spector has been moved to right back.
I think either league would work for him. If he is to stay a midfielder, playing week in and week out in the Championship would certainly allow him to learn that position. He could also be a fine fullback in that league. The EPL is a tough place to figure out a new role and he struggled with the pace when he was in defense.
Agreed. Spector has had some nice passes but Blackburn far more effective in controlling the midfield. Hammers had an encouraging 6 or 7 minutes at the end of the half. Hopefully they can keep that going.
I would agree with you if he hadn't had a string on not great performances, both with Rangers and with the Nats. It isn't just one off game.
From the BBC: Oh dear, oh dear... Mo Edu horribly slices a shot from the edge of the box. It's not been his day at all. How he is still on the park I don't know.
Mo Edu apparently not having a good game for Rangers this morning. Maybe our central midfield isn't as strong as we would like to think.
Sky Sports gave Specs a 7 and said he played well. Not a bad review against Chelsea. He had some nice passes, good runs and even some pretty good D. At least we have one central midfielder getting playing time in the EPL!
heartbreak for the Hammers who have put up a good fight. This has been an entertaining game in horrific conditions.
yep..he is doing nicely in an attacking role ...nice to be discussing a central midfielder in the epl who is actually playing.
just gave it may have done the jinx!
Specs starting to get into it and doing ok after 1st 10 minutes or so where he looked like a lost pup.
Spector starting I think for Parker - big shoes to fill there ....
Ives, over on Fox Soccer and they are talking about your trip to England and playing it up! Good for you! Sounds great!
Timmy has had a lot of good saves today. Nothing he could do about that one.
Arsenal putting on quite the display with Walcott particulaly exciting to watch. Really nice football.
#9, #9, Davies scores to put DCU up by 2 early.
kirovski got the red...he was arguing with the ref.
Hamid has not looked good tonight. DC a bit lucky to only be down by one. Other than that, hard fought game that the ref needs to make sure he controls.
Can someone explain why Donovan is so fatigued after resting the entire off-season and only play a few games?
I'm in NOVA and it is listed on my Direct TV guide for tonight
Specs on for Parker in this losing cause
EJ with an assist as bottom dweller Preston goes up by a goal.
ugh....Schwartzer caught away from goal and Man U go up by 2. Looking long it will be a long day for Fulham.
Certainly didn't take long for Man U to go up a goal. Too bad - Fulham had started well.