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Zennist, hi again! I am glad I ran across your blog, I admire the questions you ask yourself! And that was a deep insight. Teethandtrousers, Discarding the raft is not ignoring it or saying it it will not be useful to someone else. We do not dismantle or destroy the raft! There is just cessation, no need to grasp onto it so tightly. This insight leads us to not be so, uhm, evangelical. Zennist, I also found that this story is often misinterpreted and some people think this is a good reason to stay on this shore, to never get on the raft. (to not practice) They think that since they will not be able to own the raft they should never build it in the first place. :^)
Toggle Commented Oct 22, 2009 on Going beyond phenomena at The Zennist
I agree! I see so little understanding of Big Mind/Small Mind. I have run into several new age zennists that feel so strongly that nirvana equals samsara that they go on having sex and drinking! But I do not feel there a discrepancy between Huang-po and Suzuki. Huang-po was speaking to a bunch of monks who were stuck in learning the doctrine in books so he spoke to the a certain way to break their habit. When he spoke of mind he was reffering to Big Mind only. Suzuki makes the distinction between big and small mind very often for lay people. I am wondering where you get the idea that Suzuki felt that big mind was everything? That has not been my impression. Small mind (ordinary mind) appears in the realm of big mind (Buddha mind). If the small mind is never still it never gets lessons from the big mind. The more time we spend in big mind, the more our small mind expresses bodhicitta.
Toggle Commented Oct 21, 2009 on Where's Mind in modern Zen? at The Zennist