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I'm getting a bit tired of this, Christina. You just cant go on praising a blogger for everything she or he writes, but again I can jus say that you are simply hitting the nail in the head, again. Btw. in the way of positive atheism there is the "The Big Book of Humanity" -project that I hope will gather momentum someday, that is intended to bring together the best positive ideas of secular poets, writers, philosophers and scientists. More info at and
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How can you do this to me, Greta? I have so much more important things to attend to than just reading stupid blogs, but night after night I find my reading these ponderings of yours and even vastly enjoying them. Also, I love the fight and I just love to disagree and disapprove of things in the stupid blogs the world is so full of, but you disappoint me time after time, as time after time I cannot find a thing I can disagree on.
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Excellent piece Greta, indeed! I'm at loss at expressing my delight on reading this rational, but very passionate analysis on things that bother us all at the moment.
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