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Just a couple of points. The article states that "hotel review sites like and both of whom have elaborate - though not publicly revealed - mechanisms in place to catch fake reviews which arguably are not foolproof". There's no "arguably" about it - they are far from foolproof. Fake reviews are an accepted fact of life on TripAdvisor. Since the "checks" are secret there's no way of telling whether they are "elaborate" or not. From a practical point of view they are unlikely to be any more sophisticated than a check of the reviewer's email address, IP address and TA cookies on the machine sending the review. All of these are childsplay for a reasonably savvy person to trick. I agree with the idea of introducing a verification procedure for reviews, though the one you suggest (Amazon)is not exactly difficult to circumvent either as all it requires is a verified email address. The Amazon system was previously suggested here: .
If you use a digital camera on your trips, take a photo of the name and telephone of someone who can be contacted in case you lose the camera - someone honest may find it (or the memory card) and want to return it to you!
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Zooming through Lower Normandy en route to and from Channel ports and other parts of France? Take a break to stop and look at the town of Alençon, just north of Le Mans.
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