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The Ugly South
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Sorry, you can't fake that
do you have a link?
Donovan Rooney "1776,1950,2010" poster??/ I would like to see that
Toggle Commented Jun 15, 2010 on SBI Live Q&A (World Cup Edition 1) at Soccer By Ives
Altidore - Dempsey Holden - Torres - Bradley - Donovan Boca - Onyewu (or goodson) - Demerit - Cherundolo
Paco is short for Francisco. I've heard many Spanish speaking commentators call him Paco.
Eddie J. seems to be confuse of where he is. Buddle looks much more confident and in the zone. Would like to see Buddle and Gomez on the 2nd half.
oh man, I found an amazing pic of Onyewu...
LMAO! Here's a quick and dirty version of the logo without the ball.. I dont have the font they use for the logo, so I had to improvise a little.
I agree JpJ, I believe that changing the jersey design is very bad for branding. I also think that the curreent US soccer federation logo is horrible. They just need to remove the ball from it too make it look less childish.
I remember watching the MLS for the first time on TV around '98 or '97. HOLY SH#T! The MLS has changed so much.
"57th Minute - If you're following along let me here from you." Sorry man, I was indeed following, but I missed that comment. So I never replied...
nevermind to myself, just found it on Galavision
any of the stations broadcasting this?
sooooo, how many non soccer knowing yanks are not going to get the commercial?
Toggle Commented May 14, 2010 on Jozy Altidore's ESPN Commercial at Soccer By Ives
The real question is.. will Buddle keep this very high performance if he gets into the national team?
man, I feel bad for perkins... he seems to be anice guy and is not that bad
I just gotta say that at least the announcer is not boring :P FSC and some ESPN announcers suck...
is Conor Chinn a combination of Conor Casey and Brian Ching? :D
direct link:
One of the things that annoys me about American and English announcers is that they make it sound as if it is golf. There's even long times of silence.
you gotta be kidding me.. lol
Le toux 3 > messi 1
think about this.. Le Toux has 2 goals today. Messi was able to score only once. :D
it appears there's a lot of legit ones.... other teams must be very very jealous...