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Should be fun next week.
Make that +2. Great post.
Toggle Commented Nov 16, 2010 on Is new look for KC a good change? at Soccer By Ives
From This KC supporters perspective, I understand the owners desire to dump Wizards in the official club brand for something with more merit. But many supports will make sure that Wizards will live on as the clubs moniker. So change itself is fine with me. The problems I have is WTF is Sporting KC!? Completely bland, no real merit cause we aren't Portuguese and as of now the only supporter sport is men's soccer (though rugby and women's soccer has been rumored). But that's the direction the owners want. I'm crossing my fingers for at least a variation of that, Kansas City Sporting Club. It would be the lesser of two evils. The logo!? WTF!? It's a combination of a Eastern Conferance rip off and a graphic designer trying too hard to make it "modern." Too much shadow, too much gradient, ugly typeface, and the SC is just weird. This badge has to look good on a shirt from 100 yards away. It's Awful! Keep it simple! Even Chelsea FC understands that. Yeah, it's my team so I'll support them. Just don't expect me to be buying any new merch anytime soon. WIZARDS TILL I DIE!
Toggle Commented Nov 16, 2010 on Is new look for KC a good change? at Soccer By Ives
Especially minor/college league stadiums. Though they do make for some interesting sight lines, just not in a good way.
I USED to be a Preki fan, he was excellent in his time in KC as a player and helped the team to the 2000 MLS Cup, but the post match whining and bltching is really getting old. And de Guzman showed his complete lack of class, and complete ignorance, if he thought beating KC @ The CAB would be easy. If it was so easy, why didn't you score? The winner in this sport is whoever puts the ball in the back of the net the most times in 90 minutes (within the rules as the referee determines). You don't score, you don't win. CLASSLESS CANADA! Have fun losing in Honduras, Haters.
No Ching seems like such a mistake. But Bob takes Herculez Gomez, Edson Buddle, & Robbie Findley. So Gomez is in because he's in form, Buddle replaces Ching (can anybody really hold the ball up as well as Ching? US options are limited) and Findley replaces Davies. Well, guess we'll see how we do. Just get out of the group stage boys and then anything can happen!
Toggle Commented May 26, 2010 on USA World Cup Team Announced at Soccer By Ives
All that needs to be said That Sucked.
Good call bstoeff. Only an opportunistic Seattle and a half-asleep Escobar is responsibly for the only goal against KC so far this season. Glad to see Stephane Auvray getting the props he deserves for being a beast in the KC midfield. Auvray and Jack Jewsbury just might be the most underrated midfield tandem in the league right now. Crazy to think that KC is only 2 plays away from having 10 points right now (Seattle's goal and Kei's not goal). But the future is looking brighter in KC, just need a more consistent goal scorer now.
Toggle Commented Apr 30, 2010 on SBI MLS Best XI (March/April) at Soccer By Ives
"D.C. United's bigger problems lie... with the D.C. midfield's inability to support the back four." Like I've said before, when you start Morsuck in your midfield, this is what happens. I would know, I'm a KC Supporter. Buddle looks unstoppable at the moment. Hustle, skill, scoring with the head and the feet from insane ankles (even if Onstad did give him a hole to shoot through) dude is on right now. Hope Bob Bradley has the guts to give him a call up, if nothing else to at least show his stuff in training. Speaking of call-ups, I hope Ryan Smith makes his father's US connection work for him so he's eligible for US in 2014 and KC has an additional international spot to play with. Like what I see so far, but it's only 2 matches.
Toggle Commented Apr 12, 2010 on MLS Week 3: A Look Back at Soccer By Ives
FC Bayern, Stern des Südens! Bavaria v Catalonia in the final would be EPIC.. except for fans of the EPL. HaHa!
Like I've said before, you start Mor-Suck in your midfield, well... this is what you get. Enjoy the season DC.
Sheesh, I ain't stupid, and I'm not the one crying over one match or missing the playoffs, just like DC did last year. It is what it is. Congrats, you won the Open Cup, woopty-doo. This is why nobody likes DC, you all think you're so much better then everyone else. Whatever dude, it's a long season so enjoy it and I'll do the same. Stay Classless DC.
You must be a poor DC supporter also. Sorry about that. Enjoy your season.
I Like This. Smith is class, but it is just one match. Hope he can keep it up. KC scored 4 without India's top goalscorer who is still waiting on visa stuff to make his place in KC official. Replace Wolff with Sunil and I'm feeling pretty good about things early on this season. But I know at some point clubs will find a way to stop Smith and KC, just hope it doesn't relate to classless DC like acts including take downs from behind. Great start though.
Tired of getting your butts kicked by KC huh? Not our fault your team is slow, it's Onalfo's. He's the one who started Kurt More-Suck in the DC midfield. BTW, great class from DC in taking down Smith from behind when you're down 4-0. Classy.
Ochoa forget to drink his PowerAid. Haha!
Toggle Commented Mar 29, 2010 on Americans Abroad: Weekend Rewind at Soccer By Ives
Well, I feel like I have (almost) a brand new squad on the field. I'm going to hold back any preconceptions until a couple matches into the season. With so many new players there's a ton of question marks as to who the true starters will be and who works well with whom. I wouldn't even project Davy Arnaud as a starter in the first match pending on how Vermes feels who is teaming up well to score goals. The one player never mentioned here that I am hoping to see break out is Zoltán Hercegfalvi. He has touch, strength, and runs all over the pitch to make himself an available target. If he starts scoring goals, he could become the Wizards point man and then it's a battle between a handful of players for the other starting striker spot. Will be an interesting first month of the season.
So Brazil and Portugal through to the next round then. Check.
Even if Charlie isn't "100% match ready" he should be on the WC roster, IMO. He doesn't even need to make the bench for a single WC match, just having him around the team and experiencing the WC would a big boost to the USMNT, both inspirationally in 2010 and experience for 2014.
Awesome night for NY soccer. Huge props to RBNY and their parent company for a great stadium and a great display. Can't wait for KC's stadium to be finished. It won't be RBA, but the match last night proved once again how much a proper stadium can impact the match day atmosphere and the reputation of a club. Well done NY. Beat Chicago!
I'm going to church tomorrow! Thank The Lord!
Be The Miracle Charlie!
Will Roman Abramovich's makeover include new club colors, shield, and renaming the club after himself? Just sayin'.
While the Kevin Hartman situation was frustrating, I gotta hand it to Peter Vermes and his staff. They did not take an off-season, they've really put in the time and energy to build a quality side, not that I'm saying KC is there yet, but the boys sure haven't been laying out in the Arizona sun all winter either. Say what you want about the players that are coming into KC, nothings for certain in this league until they hit the field. Be curious to see how the new KC looks when they play StL.