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I don't really want an iPhone . . . I mean, I love my little red phone . . . but I wish MY phone had skee ball and was the right size and shape for a really cool "Psych" cover. Study hard, Mami! Learn that phone! =D
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I didn't know the history of Magno, but it definitely reminds me of when I was very little. Henio de Pravia (another Spanish soap) is what my abuela loves so that smell always reminds me of her. So does the smell of Vicks. Even when I'm NOT sick, the smell of "bibaporu" (Vicks Vapo Rub) is comforting to me. The mixed smell of cafe with a good cigar always reminds me of Papi (my grandfather). I LOVE that smell. Obviously, I love Violetas Royal because I wear it all the time. But the smell that makes me dream . . . the one that takes me to another place . . . is suntan lotion. Usually Banana Boat or maybe Coppertone, but that coconutty-mixed-with-sandy-and-salty smell is what makes me wonder what life in Cuba was like B.C. and what it would have been like without a revolucion. P.S. Ed, I love that you posted in English Y Español. =D
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The Cuteness strikes again! (I have stopped calling Lucy anything but "The Cuteness." No, we aren't going to use the term "sibling rivalry," I prefer "sisterly pride.") Mom, this was a great post! I'll play, but later, I have to get back to work. ;-)
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