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I couldn't comment on your previous post for some reason. Consider this comment a response to that. I read your conception of grace as essentially Buddhist. But employing that formation in a theistic framework is to me equating karma with sin. It is overlooking the fact that God compels us to action (insert passages regarding sin of omission, acts of righteousness, etc.), not simply to establish a Buddhist disposition and master our sinful nature. It is this lack of divine perfection, or our deviance from living a life like Christ (i.e. driven solely by adherence God's will) that requires grace. This grace is, as you posit, immanent and prior to sin. But what of karma? Is not the universe, theistic or not, still causal? Does not this immutable metaphysical inertia demand a super-natural grace? And where could this karma go, but into the debt the Universe owes God by way of Jesus' morally perfect character (both as a pre-existent form of God and during his incarnation) undergoing a karmic load (stress, insults, whippings, crucifixion) befitting only the most depraved? I don't see the atonement as appeasing a bloodthirsty God but rather God working within the bounds of reality (karmic justice) to allow reconciliation of that reality to Himself.