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He's now got a JustGiving page too - at Robin's all set, sandwiches and map of tube stations with toilets in hand.
Toggle Commented Dec 12, 2010 on Robin's Tube Challenge! at Digitallouis
Dear Tom Tom's blog post is what makes me think you haven't already. And the lack of proposals in manifestos to date. Though I'd be happy to be surprised! Phil's idea is ace. Hmm... WeLobbyForYou? :)
So just to clarify, with point 2), if, say, the Labour Party (as opposed to the current Govt) or the Lib Dem party asked you to help them with their manifesto policy on open Govt, would you help with that too? Or are you betting on who will be the next Govt? (I don't mind whether you are a closet Tory or not, by the way, I just want to tease out something that might ameliorate some of the grumbles I've seen about this announcement.)