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Your conjecture would only be true if a first year undergraduate course was about content, which it isn't.
Not as good as: ;-)
Toggle Commented May 3, 2013 on Edukashun is brocken - the Tumblr at The Ed Techie
Competing in the attention economy is much the same thing as the race to the bottom. Has to be. And if we're doing movie opening analogies, Four Weddings And a Funeral.
Toggle Commented Feb 15, 2013 on Chips ahoy for MOOCs at The Ed Techie
It'll give all the steam train enthusiasts something to do on their days off. Maybe some members of the Sealed Knot will defect. Nothing ever dies.
Toggle Commented Nov 21, 2012 on A technology extinction event? at The Ed Techie
"losing £20 has more significance than finding £20" So how do you explain the National Lottery?
Names become definitions. Call them MOTS:
Toggle Commented Jul 11, 2012 on Amnesimooc at The Ed Techie
Not a problem. Well, not a problem with a little education. Post publication peer-review (such as your article above) sorts this out. Crackpottery pales into insignificance compared with the damage done by self-appointed gatekeepers delaying and blocking the progress of science and education, (a) based on the outmoded print model they were raised with, (b) for commercial gain.
I was wondering if we'd see another of these :-)
Toggle Commented Jun 26, 2012 on Meta Edtech Journal - issue 3 at The Ed Techie
Teaching? You sure you don't mean content delivery?
Toggle Commented Feb 24, 2012 on The vinyl lesson at The Ed Techie
As I said, too much noise, not enough filtering. Bad idea.
Martin, your stunning ignorance of economic forces explains why you have suggested this nonsensical solution ;-) So either universities co-operate to share journals out between them (yeah, right), or it's the battle of the fittest to grab the "best" journals (medicine, science, etc). Can't see that working out better then Elsevier.
An online journal - based on the geography or where your institution is located? Or an online journal from each institution for engineers, geographers, economists, etc, etc? Too much noise, not enough filtering.
By "university press", I assume you mean "institutional repository" - linked tightly to Google Scholar, of course ;-)
I feel strongly that "frictionless" is something new and a bit scary which is distinct from your definition above. My rationale for this is the way the frictionless apps such as The Guardian work on facebook, inserting content into what appears to be (but is no longer, directly) a user-defined stream. While this is good for "sharing", it is a new level and we should not devalue the term by merging it with what has gone before such as Like buttons or +1's.
Toggle Commented Jan 16, 2012 on Levels of friction in sharing at The Ed Techie
My initial thoughts here: It's quite possible I may rethink this in future if I found a more appropriate use, but I think that would be more likely to be publishing original material rather than aggregation.
Toggle Commented Dec 12, 2011 on Launching Meta EdTech Journal at The Ed Techie
Ah yes:
Toggle Commented Sep 28, 2011 on What are the values in a MOOC? at The Ed Techie
Interesting, it's the other way round for mine:
I also have the fat finger problem. In addition, it seems that my hands are usually insufficiently clammy for them to register as "touch". I've considered buying a stylus, but I'd rather not have something else to carry around or lose. On the iPad, it is notable that touch sensitivity varies between different apps, so this property is not all down to the hardware.
Toggle Commented Aug 4, 2011 on My Tech at Fragments of Amber
I have mixed feelings about this one. After being castigated yesterday by Tony Hirst for citing Martin rather than Michelle for the big/little OER concept (well, nomenclature), I went back and checked again. And it's true, Michelle first used the term (as far as I can tell), and Martin is happy to acknowledge that. But it was Martin who went on the flesh out the concept - he picked up the ball and ran with it, wrote the book chapters around it, so in my opinion, deserves most of the credit here. Ain't no use having a good idea if you don't do nothing with it.
I go though alternating phases of optimism and pessimism about "progress" in higher education. I suspect Universities are mirroring societal changes more than the used to (the ivory tower is pretty much gone), which is a depressing thought. I need to join some other sort of (non-religious) priesthood. Maybe that's what this web 2.0 thing is really all about.
The word cloud is interesting, although less functional than a tag cloud, but that's the downside of books versus blogs, isn't it?
Toggle Commented May 30, 2011 on Views on a book at The Ed Techie
The money thing is quite variable too. It all depends on the subject matter and the size of the target audience.
And Jeff Jarvis today:
Toggle Commented Dec 10, 2010 on Living in interesting times at The Ed Techie
Shirky was very good on the Today Program yesterday on the implications of American behaviour for democracy:
Toggle Commented Dec 10, 2010 on Living in interesting times at The Ed Techie