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a mac
what am i doing this evening ? - oh yes going to the opera
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Got a couple just now - not much left though. The discount system is very confusing - had me fooled for about 15mins ! It is 50% as in my life and death struggle with the discount I managed at one point to get 50% off one ticket !
B***er - went on Monday for £25 ! Musically pretty good - in fact very good. Production is as about as bad a case of "regie theatre" you are likely to see. when you think of what can be done with Baroque opera (eg Niobe) this really looks incompetent. Btw - The picture is quite appropriate for the production ! Make sure you sitting centrally the "box set" sticks out into the auditorium and starts to cut off the view. The orchestra is raised almost out of the pit so avoid the front of the stalls.
Toggle Commented Nov 15, 2011 on ENO Stalls tickets only £20 at Intermezzo
It was the main house curtain (or strictly speaking tabs) that failed this time - the safety curtain was up and down like jelly on springs ! Even with the cuts - still felt long. The pace is funeral at its quickest. I couldn't help thinking of the Tortoises in The Carnival of Animals.
Toggle Commented Nov 6, 2011 on Curtain cull at Intermezzo
@Vogel - That is because Alfie Boe might as well be wearing an invisibility cloak when compared to La Jenkins. PR par excellence - she pops up any and everywhere ! One week singing with Domingo - next week - 50 years of Songs of Praise - ker-ching ! she is not on the top 20 earnings list for nothing ! Proms in the Park without her - unthinkable :P My guess would be that a "Gubbay" style outing would involve quite a big cut of the takings for her. This might prove a sticking point !
Bocelli with Watson as a "bumper" - that I would like to see ! I always assumed it would be a Handel role - ENO would sell their own grannies to get her - the saving in effort of not having to flog 3/4 of the house at knock down prices would be worth her fee! Though it would be a touch risky at ENO - the overture probably drowned out by the sound of knives being sharpened! Failing that - take a turn in some obscure touring opera company in a place were no one knows who she is ! (there must be somewhere)
I spy the Covent Garden Onegin too ! I thought it looked familiar and once they started the water (looks like they need a new pond lining each performance) I was sure. Rushing to the cast sheet for 2006 - I see that it is listed as a co-prod with Finnish Opera. So presumably "brought in" by LA Opera.
Toggle Commented Sep 29, 2011 on All change at LA Opera at Intermezzo
If I am right it looks like they are selling whole cycles at present apart from some day seats. Anyone wants to put money on whether they crack and start selling individual operas ? Given the production is on the whole pretty awful - a cheaper seat without a good view of the stage should suffice ps - If anyone starts whining about ticket prices I tell them what I got conned into paying with for the Olympic athletics finals. Soon shuts people up !
Calm down dear(s) ! In any case the dog clearly looks like the childhood Mozart
Toggle Commented Sep 14, 2011 on Barenboim expands his repertoire at Intermezzo
Indeed - I felt like shouting out - you have trouble giving them away ! ps I was in the hall just in case you were thinking I'd taken to shouting at the television !
Toggle Commented Sep 11, 2011 on Royal Opera House - winter season at Intermezzo
fairly dreary fayre ! endless list of revival and buy-ins ! Of course revivals can be good - I think I will wait and see though !
Toggle Commented Sep 10, 2011 on Royal Opera House - winter season at Intermezzo
She sang as a replacement on one night I believe
I saw some of this - musically it sounded pretty good. I guess this is the third and missing ENO co-production ? In which I don't think we missed much !
Toggle Commented Jul 9, 2011 on Free Jonas Kaufmann at Intermezzo
I went to the rehearsal last Saturday - everyone seemed in good voice although I couldn't help thinking we would have been better off with Jeremy White as the father and Lafont as the King ! This is a 2005 Santa Fe (a sort of American Glyndebourne) production - so not quite as new as it makes out ! I don't think there is a fly tower at the semi open-air Santa Fe which probably accounts for the endless rolling on and off of set sections ! Pity they didn't take the chance to re-stage parts of it. It is an odd work with extensive "ballet" sections which are jolly if unmemorable and some of the singing sections are more towards Werther "angst" without actually getting near anything quite as good as Werther. The "ugly sisters" are probably truer to the actual story - and are more "spoilt sisters" - "panto" tradition has got rid of the Mother and upped the Sisters as villains. Undoubtedly Podles - night but I too couldn't help thinking why on earth this wasn't being staged in December
Toggle Commented Jul 7, 2011 on Cendrillon at the Royal Opera House at Intermezzo
Don't tell anyone but you can download with it realplayer stream reader ! I have it on my smart phone and am working my way through it. Re-rendered through the amoled screen the picture is excellent and sound great through headphones. I saw it at Glyndebourne a few weeks ago - personally thought it stunning. The "Cranford" production certainly pleased the Glyndebourne crowd - I was expecting Dame Judi Dench to do a cameo at any moment. Finlay's Sachs was nothing short of a triumph - and the "love" scenes with Eva the most believable I have ever seen. Beckmesser was very well played as were all the major parts - in particular I thought Alistair Miles' Pogner was excellent. Coping with the big scenes with relatively small chorus resources - was very cleverly done. The updating to around the composers time - an old trick - but makes sense because the background elements of the composers time are actually being transposed back to medieval times ! Updating this simply reverses this original shift. In 19C period costume you can show the Meistersingers to be of different social backgrounds; as they actually were. Eva and Magdalena played a sisters (I think they were sisters - anyway certainly social equals) works better as does Eva consideration of Sachs as a husband. While all the time maintaining the believability of the main plot.
@keithboy - never mind there will be another swan along soon
Toggle Commented Jun 27, 2011 on Bayreuth Lohengrin live on TV at Intermezzo
I good revival - although not as good as the Pappano one a few years back. The "Saturday crowd" certainly lapped it up ! I would love to see Opolais as Tosca - I have heard she is a fine exponent of the role. Valenti surprisingly weak - but he may just have one of those voices which doesn't sound in ROH. I quite like the production which seems to be an honest recount of the story. IMHO I don't really buy the "under age" problem - if the librettists had not gone to quite so much trouble to point out her age; in most productions we would be wondering why he was making such a thing of a middle aged woman. So unless you managed to find a 15 year old to sing it - it is never going to register that highly in your mind. Updating would probably not work as - by today's standard - Pinkerton would be a Saint ! and a 3 year gap - in the internet world ?! he could have just paypal'ed the money to sort the problem out !
Toggle Commented Jun 27, 2011 on Madama Butterfly flaps again at Intermezzo
Saw it last night - a hurried date change from next week. Overall pretty good - not particularly a fan of the production - a 1994 effort brought in from Brussels and showing its age. Hopefully this is its last outing ! I was sitting in the stalls circle this time and noticed the stage lifts up and down from the rear so to increase the rake. To no obvious purpose apart from generating a lot of creaking. Heppner all over the shop - but manages to just get away with it. I think largely because he looks a worn out old man - and brings some sympathy to the part. No-one seems to have mentioned the chorus :P who were very good - as I thought they were in MacBeth. And I loved Jane Henschel as Mrs Seddely !
Went last night to A Midsummer Night's Dream last night for £15 - overall well worth it ! The production fails on every point - if you are going to set an opera in a school at least make it a "public school" as this will allow a far greater number of metaphors to hang your flimsy premise on ! - but musically it was quite good. Iestyn Davies and Anna Christie on good form - even Willard White seems to be in good voice too.
Toggle Commented Jun 12, 2011 on ENO prices hit rock Bottom at Intermezzo
Well they went mad on last night (21st may) - Standing ovation and a recall after the lights went up. I have to say it was excellent !
Toggle Commented May 22, 2011 on Rolando Redux at Intermezzo
a mac is now following inter mezzo
May 17, 2011
oh b*gger - and I went to all that trouble to get a ticket :P
Saw it last night - truly excellent although Faust didn't rise quite as the as the photos show. Knocks everything else ENO have done in a long time - into a cocked hat ! Some bloke kept boo-ing in the first half and shouting rubbish ! I thought it might be part of the show - but nothing was shouted in the second half. Strange
Toggle Commented May 12, 2011 on Gilliam uber alles at Intermezzo
I got in the queue around 9.20 was in and done by 11.10 ! All in all it was not too painful !
Toggle Commented May 8, 2011 on Proms puzzle at Intermezzo
Overall a pretty dreary evening - the production is just awful. The release of the prisoners looks like the Warburton Bakery turning out at the end of a shift ! Not only that they then proceed to sit on boxes - which it has been established - are full of guns ?! I can only assume this revival was the second of a two-part deal; I can't think of any other reason for flogging this dead horse.
well I recorded it and watched it on Saturday does that count ? To be honest I think it would have to have been broadcast far nearer the time to have any carry over from the live show
Toggle Commented Mar 28, 2011 on a pair of massive boobs at Intermezzo