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My dear,we don't talk about peace and all what in the constitution when the country is moving from better to worst. for the past years (30 years) there have always been changes in the constitution that we think are good one but do the governing body put them into practise? what ever a vice president or not that is not going to change cameroon from the present situation. The powers of the country in with one person (Biya) not different from a dictator. He take decision at will and changes the constitution at anytime to his favor and to the favor of his gang thieves in the name of government offical. I think too much of this peace is taking the country backward. there is no government worker who is not a CPDM and who is not under the control of Biya. If you want to go against him then you will be kicked out. There too much dictatorship in Cameroon at this present generation. there is no democracy in Cameroon and everything written in papers or in constitution is not being practise because of the dictator (Biya) and his gang. You guy only talk of peace, peace in the country, why is it not changing the country to better instead to worst. I tell you Biya and all you group of people that you can fly to the highest level but let me asure you that you guys will land on your pellies. you sit there and fly to Europe or anywhere you like, eat what you like. but you don't know what the present cameroonians in the country are going through. The little money the country makes, is shared between you and you government officials and all is going ínto your private puckets. The whole rolling regime and the government officials are make up of embezzeler and corrupter. Can you compare the development of Cameroon from 1960 to 1982 with the development of cameroon from 1982 to the present date. I think only Biya and his government officials will say yes because there have developed by inriching themselves from the cameroon money and property.
All this comes as a result of political believe in cameroon. the polictical situation in cameroon is that, in order to work with the government, you most surport CPDM. That is why anyone working with the government thinks that he/she has the right to do anything with the cameroonian money and properties. That is why there is curruption because they think there is nobody above them or to question them. I hope the state is taking over the properties of the embezzelers and the corrupters.
Agendia, I think we are talking of standing for election for the presidency of Cameroon and not just a mayor. He is; more educated, more Godly, has more human feelings, more for the people, Hard working, and just to name a few, than who Biya is and has done for almost 30 years. Even if he dies in office, he will be jugde and purnish in the grave.
My dear brothers and sisters, Greetings to you all. It is really true that Cameroonians are not known to be people of action. They fancy speeches, and they could listen and clap all night long, if there's cheap bear. They love meetings where they can show off their pot-bellies and heavy buttocks. thanks for pointing this out. For 27 years now Biya is just playing over cameroonians and they sit back there just clap and say yes sir for anything. Everytime he changes the constitution in a way that favours him and we take no action. Let me promise you guys, if the is no action for the coming 2011 election, he will still play over and stay there. Recently he have appointed members of ELECAM of which are all CPDM. How can you be a player and a referee at the same time. For 12 members of ELECAM 11 are CPDM and how do you think there is democracy in the country? It is just a petty to cameroonians. I promise you that this time around for the 2011 election Biya should take his time, we are ready for anything. We are preparing for action in cameroon if he plays the fool again. The world is going to hear us this time, the world is going to see us this time. enough is enough. After next election, no one is going to role cameroon again more than ten year. this time we have to use force now because Biya want force. we have surport all over the world and we are ready mr biya.
It is a sharmfull thing to see this picture of a capital city without marked road. where is Cameroon going to. For almost 30 Biya took over the country is just like that. this is very poor for a street in a capital city to look it that.
Toggle Commented Oct 28, 2009 on Photo: Yaounde, Cameroon at Up Station Mountain Club
Dear brothers and sisters, you can see what our government official are doing with our money and people are dying back at home. To: wimbum@yahoogroups. com; ex-ghs-nkambe@ yahoogroups. com From: reuelsontough@ Date: Fri, 16 Oct 2009 14:32:08 -0700 Subject: [wimbum] Embezzlement at Cameroon Embassy in USA September 12, 2009 Mr. François Ngoubene Percepteur 9001 Gettysburg Lane College Park , MD 20740 Dear Mr. Ngoubene, It has been brought to our attention that you and your family have been involved with squandering an exorbitant amount of money and resources from the Cameroon government and its taxpayers. Over the years since you were assigned to the Cameroon Embassy in Washington , DC , your embezzlement of public funds has been enormous. This was made possible by the huge payments for unrelated official expenses like the following: a) Life and medical insurance for your family and your girl friend, Ms. Angeli Abitangbina from WAMSI Life and Health in the monthly amount of $8,402.08. b) Monthly mortgage payments for your home, $4,061.73 and that of your concubine $761.59 both withdrawn from the Embassy of Cameroon’s account with Sun Trust Bank. c) Tuition and other ineligible expenses for your children who attended Georgetown University . d) Money laundering for Cameroonian officials and others, a very serious “criminal offense”. e) Purchasing and building of homes in the United States and Cameroon for you and your above named concubine. Your withdrawal of money from the Embassy’s accounts for your PERSONAL use and that of your family, concubine and friends in just 2007 alone, amounted to over US$1 million dollars. We have verifications for documents from Citibank and Eagle Bank to substantiate and defend our accusations. Could you explain why the bank account of the Cameroon Embassy has your home address and not that of the Embassy on 2349 Massachusetts Avenue? In our research, there is evidence to prove that no other diplomatic representation in Washington, DC , except Cameroon , has an employee using his home address for official and business accounts. Is this why the Cameroon Embassy’s accounts with local banks were closed for illegal activities? Can you also justify having seven (7) cars registered in your name and those of your family members with the US State Department with diplomatic licenses. You have been engaged in these dishonorable practices since you transferred from Belgium to the United States with impunity claiming that you are “untouchable” because of your connections with some government officials in Cameroon . Please note that these illegal activities have not gone unnoticed. They have indeed been documented and reported to both the governments of the United States and Cameroon . Below is an example of some of your monthly expenditures out of the Embassy of Cameroon’s account: 1) Check # 5178 to your wife, Therese Ngoubene US$ 5,000.00 2) Check # 5000 to your daughter, Caroline US$ 5,000.00 3) Check # 5176 to your son, Dany US$ 3,738.83 4) Checks # 5179, 5168 & 4126 to your driver, Assoua Jean ($5,000 each) US$15,000.00 5) Checks # 5170 & 5173 to your friend, Metuk Charles US$10,000.00 6) Check # 5170 to your Adm. Asst., Mbassa Patience US$ 5,000.00 As for your concubine, Ms. Abitangbina Angeli, you can recall that in 2007, she received among other checks, the amount of US$40,000 for home leave to Cameroon which was deemed unacceptable by the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The following monthly checks, #5188: US$3,194.44; # 5087: US$3,028.74 & #5207: US$4,352.00 were also issued to her. Please be informed that these illegal activities of yours have been brought to the attention of the Cameroon government and its citizens (taxpayers), and the US government for prosecution. We can no longer be silent especially about the most serious crime of “money laundering” in the United States and other developed countries that are providing donor funds to countries in Africa that people like you and others are misusing to enrich yourselves. Sincerely, Concerned Citizens of the Republic of Cameroon Cc: -H.E. Joseph Bienvenu Foe Atangana, Ambassador of the Republic of Cameroon -H.E. Henri Eyebe Ayissi, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Cameroon -H.E. Essimi Menye, Minister of Finance, Republic of Cameroon -National Committee for fight against Corruption (CONAC) Cameroon - US Department, Africa Desk -Cameroon Citizens in the USA