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Love the ad, best of luck.
Burn those hospitals, plain and simple. If muslims are going to annihilate your community might as well go down fighting and use a scorched earth policy.
This is what you get from religious troglodytes who think script has magical powers and meaning. Life is cheap when you think it's acceptable to slaughter people over the scribbles on a page, such people do not deserve to live and I really mean it-we should be annihilating them over this, rather than cave in to their intimidation and death threats. Really what purpose do such savages serve on our planet? None whatsoever except to teach us to value our liberties that much more and be willing to kill anyone who wants to take them away from us by using force and violence.
Look I don't mean to be an ass, but why are non-muslims such damn cowards and pussies? Hindus, Christians always seem to run and cower in fear because of a gang of psycho muslims. Pick up an axe and start swinging you fucking morons, this is life or death. I'll give some credit to the Buddhists, because they do actually fight back on occasion, but seriously, you can't allow muslims to roll over you so easily. "We could not believe that people with whom we had just had tea suddenly became so different!" Great line, it's what we suspected all along and no we see it happen in practice, the so-called moderate muslims will eventually stab us all in the back. As the Arab saying goes 'keep kissing the hand of the infidel until you are ready to cut it off.'
I love the way you phrase things Pamela, precise and funny too. However Obama is playing the 'good muslim/cop' to the 'bad muslim/cop' which is Iran. He's just going through the motions and pretending to be opposed but in fact is doing everything he can to help Iran achieve it's goal of annihilating Israel because Obama is a muslim at heart and hates the Jews just as much as any muslim does. We're living in the bizarro/Twilight Zone world that the left created for us. In a rational world Iran's regime would've been annihilated already, along with Hamas, Hezbollah, etc and Bush/Cheney would be loved by millions for working to eradicate the most evil ideology-Islam off the face of the earth. Instead we get these theatrics and shenanigans...unfortunately they're not even funny or benign but very dangerous to all of us.
Let's hope the only people hurt or killed in the explosion were muslims for they would most richly deserve it.
No worries terrorists, I'm sure Israel will release you in the next gesture of goodwill for peace in the middle-east while the Palestinians as usual offer nothing in return but even more hate, bombs and terrorists.
typo, meant 'sight'
Shoot these mofos on site
Then you'd have to do it for the Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and Atheists (for insulting their lack of belief in gods). Which means we'll end up imprisoning those very people who'd unite together to defeat Islam. There's a simpler solution, ban Islam, deport muslims and let them bomb each other to death in their own countries. The problem starts and ends with muslims.
"They not only butcher people, they butcher language." Lol, so true Pamela, they also butcher decency, common sense, reason and fashion. They're a bunch of inbred, illiterate, unevolved peons and the world would be better off without them. Muslims are an eyesore.
How pathetic, a bunch of violent savages who are barely able to live a meagre existent, look for reasons to further divide their nation and kill, imprison or torture their fellow countrymen who themselves are just scraping by in life over completely trivial things like insulting a self-proclaimed prophet who was a child-rapist and mass-murderer. I've known some Pakistani muslims personally and I've found them to be despicable, arrogant and obnoxious people. I also have Christian relatives who live in Pakistan-I worry for their safety but there's nothing I can do to help them. I've heard most Pakistani muslims are relatively peaceful and it's really this new wave of fundamentalists that is causing all this trouble. However I believe it was inevitable, given the nature of Islam. Frankly I think if non-muslims in those nations have any common sense, they'd go live in non-muslim countries and the rest of us non-muslims should consider quarantining Islamic countries-no flights to or from them, no trade, etc. Or we should consider sterilizing those lands, with nukes.
We non-muslims should give them a reason to cry, instead of sitting back and letting them get away with it every time.
Look at how jubilant and excited they are to cut non-muslims' heads off. They are in a state of religious ecstasy. We should be sending arms to non-muslim Nigerians to take care of these murderous monsters.
Fantastic work Pamela, you dominated the conversation-fortunately the leftist hosts in Canada are more polite than the US. Had that been CNN or one of the others, they would've cut your mike off for telling too much truth about Islam and the muslims. Also great job at pointing out that your opponent belongs to a Muslim Brotherhood sister organization. Notice he had nothing to say except to defend the MB and make them appear as a legit political organization. Clearly one of your best interviews. It's sad not more people hear these discussions and that was actually the first time I've seen this interview (though I've seen most of your other ones).
ps-this dude looks like Loki, how could they kill someone like that? he's a badass character.
I think in fairness Pamela has been largely supportive of Bibi, it's people like myself who've been critical of him because we feel he should do more and back up his rhetoric with action.
I meant civil war in the extreme case where we cannot stop the muslims from getting state control. If they get power it will be the final election and it'll mean genocide for non-muslims who refuse to convert or accept dhimmi status. Of course prior to that we need to use all legal means to prevent that extreme scenario from occurring-deportation will really be the only solution short of war.
My pleasure and I meant no offense. While I have no hard stats, I'm sure the country's about evenly divided on this issue. Yes the possibility of a muslim PM in Britain is very high, if things continue in their present direction. Muslims are working hard to gain political power because they know once they control the state, they can Islamify it overnight. Much as the Nazis did to Germany and then the people will be largely powerless to resist. If they do, the muslims will genocide them. Similar situation in Iran and other places where muslims have state control. We should have civil war before they get the power to rule, otherwise we'll have little to no hope after. Some Germans tried to fight the Nazi regime but they were liquidated, it was too late by then.
Obama is not an apostate, how could you be so gullible as to believe his own claims about himself, when his deeds clearly prove he's a muslim to the core. His affiliations, decisions and pimping and propping up of Islam and muslim causes all testify to this fact. I wish that he was a true moderate muslim-meaning the kind who opposes Shariah as the law of the land, but in fact through his vehement support of the Muslim Brotherhood, his stand-down orders when Al Qaeda attacked the US embassy in Benghazi, his support of the FSA in Syria and other radical Islamic groups demonstrates where his true sympathy lies. Basically America elected a stealth jihadist, a Manchurian Candidate and a traitor to this nation.
PS-Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all. May each year bring Islam closer to its total disappearance.
Muslims are scum, what more needs to be said-their demonic cult Islam needs to be eradicated, it's far worse than Nazism.
Only a matter of time when muslims will be doing the same to our towns and cities. It's all about demographics, the more muslims you have, the more violence, raping, rioting and jihad you get. Europe will experience this first since their muzzie populations are at tipping-points. Remember also that once they cross that threshold of 10% muslims, then they're a generation away from 40% at which point they will take over-just as they've done in Sudan and Lebanon. This is going to be a wild century.