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What folly and false pride; I would never have known the mermaid signified the Brand. Having everyone carry your cup is great advertising but this is a total fail. Lets add a humble thought; Tim Horton's in Canada is a largely understated underestimated company that does not have the same grandiose EGO branding dreams and does just fine. Focus on your customer. David Pylyp Living in Toronto
When showing properties, obviously we check out the mail room and community bulletin board to research the local gossip. SKIDS! SKIDS! of shrink wrapped yellow pages abound in these lobbies. One skid may have been unwrapped and a few book taken, but virtually untouched. Business' are paying thousands per month in ad revenues that could be redirected. Living in Toronto David Pylyp
Toggle Commented Nov 8, 2009 on The Yellow Pages, Really? at John Driscoll
Now we are firmly in a [Toronto] Seller's market. Tonight, There were 10 offers on the table, 6 by fax, 4 in person, we bid $555 dollars per square foot for 540 square feet. Logical based on past sales and 2% above the already optimistic sales price. The winner BID $ 620 dollars a square foot a full 10% higher than my clients bid. But this is 2009, I wonder what will happen next week David Pylyp Living in Toronto
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