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Paroway, the graph says 0-80%, so from 0% Calgarygary, i usually charge my EV, as is a good best practice, to 80-90% anyway, so yeah, 80% capacity would still be usefull. And otherwise, as a stationary storage battery it'll be usefull for another 25 years.
@ SJC, do you even know what eCVT is? if you are referring to Toyota's HSD, which is classified as the eCVT, its and ICE motor driving a generator driving an e-motor. How is that applicable in the case of an EV? The rest, if you dont understand why EV's can greatly benefit from at least more than 1 gear then dont even bother commenting why this is such a bad idea. Everything has pro's and con's. Even a single speed has con's. As if a CFT would actually weigh much more than just a single speed gearbox. And if it did, the smaller motor could make up for it again. A simple 2 speed planetary gearbox can already improve overall efficiency quite a lot. The higher top speed is nonsensical. But being able to use a smaller motor yet still getting high torque at low speeds and get the motor in the right rpm and efficiency at higher cruising speeds absolutely outweighs the con's.
Toggle Commented Jul 12, 2021 on Bosch demonstrates CVT for EVs at Green Car Congress
And that is also with 3* 72 kWh (216 kWh) batteries installed. And no mention of the charging time of these batteries. Strange
Mahonj, China. In China they do use NEDC, and i'm sure this car will sell well in China, so thats probably why they indicate NEDC.
What? You know there are A LOT of millionairs in China. What do you think China looks like,? Its not a 3rd world country you know
@SJC : "wunderbox" The 900V+ architecture combined with Lucid’s Wunderbox onboard charging unit serve as the heart of the Air’s electrical platform. The Wunderbox is a multi-function unit, developed entirely in-house to ensure compatibility with, and the maximizing of, charging systems of differing voltages, specifically boost-voltage charging.
A you can see, the turbine side is (double) insulated. The turbine center is water cooled. So the magnets might get hot a bit, but i guess MB-AMG & Garrett are noobs at building these things... Likely to be for AMG models only at first, but no doubt this will trickle down to regular MB models also.
No spam? Thi is the closest thing to a full electric race car at an endurance race, why complain?
In China they use the NEDC, get over it. 220 miles / 350 km real world is still a lot of EV range, so who cares. Besides, in China, where a lot of people live in mega cities, the real world range may even be higher than NEDC, or close to it, because most of the driving is city driving, meaning lower speeds and plenty of regen. Also, why is the US using EPA range, when there is WLTP? same thing. Different countries use different protocols. I agree, NEDC is a very outdated protocol. I've drivien the NEDC tests myself a few times. Acceleations are very low, a lot of idle time, low average speed, not realistic for most real world applications.
@Davemart repressurization is applicable. Likely there are cilinders with stored H2 at 200-350 bar, which, with the help of a (diaphragm/ piston/ etc.) compressor will be booted to 700 bar and stored in a buffer vessel. So after a few refuelings, the compressor will repressurize the buffer vessel.
This is actively air cooled, which is better than the older Leaf with passive air cooling. The newer Leaf also has forced air cooling . I think there is probably also a large amount of reserve in the Lexus battery to achieve the 1.000.000 km warranty? 10% overcapacity orso perhaps?
@Davemart have you actually read the article? These are not designed to be superchargers or rapidchargers. They are located in rural areas that are not connected to the grid. So more likely a place where you'd take a break for an hour orso and continue on your journey. With 4.28 kW solar, if the 32 kWh battery is fully drained, it'll charge in about 8 hours. The chargers are only 6 kW max. so it would take one car over 5 hours to fully deplete the battery storage. Who is going to do that? How is electrifyAmerica greenwashing? They are a company which installs and operates charging stations...
GM thinks this is a good decision. This way they still get the engineering for their diesel engines for as long as they need it, but dont have the responsibility to secure work for these engineers in the long term, that is now the responsibility of Punch group. Which can also sell their diesel expertise to other OEMs. And work on other technology for future propulsion systems.
Harsh comment, but the gamer was killed because he was not paying attention to the road and was using his phone when behind the wheel. And how many people in other vehicles have had accidents when driving and using their phones?
@GasperG This is a PERFORMANCE model, not an eco version. So "a complete failure" in what? With 250 kW ICE and 100 kW EV, a twin clutch 8 speed and AWD, it will be very fast. So a "complete winner"?
So the wheels safe 2% which means 0.4 kWh / 100 km. That means the WLTP consumption figure is 20 kWh/ 100 km. Which is already quite high. So real world consumption .....?
For that money...get the Audi 50 or 55 e-tron.
How much weight does the 1.5 motor and related parts add? How much room would you have if you removed the ICE and related parts? Seems like it would have been easy enough to make this a full EV with about 40 kWh. Great that it has a decent EV range for a PHEV, but why just not make it full EV then?
BMW invesing 200 million. VW investing 60 BILLION.
600 km with 80 kWh => 13.3 kWh/100 km No way that is EPA, i dont even think WLTP, if they are using NEDC, then thats very misleading. The Hyundai Ionic Electric has a rating of 15.6 kWh/100 km. SO how is BMW going to pull off 13.3?
And no mention of animal agriculture being the biggest emitter of methane (and other pollutants)?
35.5 kWh can be sufficient, as long as the car is very energy efficient and has good, lets say 100 kW, fast charging capability, if it has a decent price, it could be a succes. No mention of those metrics. When will it be available though?
Electrified will mean (mild) hybrid also. Not EV only. But even that is a great step. Hybridization works, and more hybrids is a good thing to lower total fuel consumption.
"very lossy" is a bit of exegaration dont you think. Gears are somewhere between 94-97% efficient. That said, direct drive might be better, but it does require motors with more torque compared to motors with a reduction gear. There is always a trade-off. Personally, i'd like to see in-wheel motors.