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There's definitely some serious evasiveness going on with these people at best, and outright dishonesty at worst. I call the "god" of people like Armstrong the Shapeshifter God. He's crafty, that deity. Tenuous. Slips through your fingers like smoke. Like invisible smoke. His followers don't like to define him (or her, or it, or them, or, you know, whatever)because definitions can be measured and found wanting, and that would never do. So they like to talk in generalities, in ever-shifting metaphors, in wilful obscurantism, in veiled and vague allusion. The important thing is that you must never really understand exactly what they mean. That way, if you succeed in identifying a flaw in what you think they mean they can snort derisively and say, "Well of course that would be absurd... but that isn't what I meant." Thus they set up a "god" that they contrive to be criticism-proof. The more you try to hone in on even one specific facet of Shapeshifter God; the more you try to catch just a few particles of the invisible smoke so you can subject them to analysis...poof! They're blown away on another blast of hot air from the mouths of their desperate defenders. I find this sort of "believer" more contemptible than those who readily admit to believing obviously false or nonsensical things, because their intellectual cowardice is greater.
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