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Jan Potgieter
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Formal research into business negotiations found that the top challenges faced by organisations and individuals are (a) the price/value trade off and (b) developing alternatives/generating options, respectively. A recent Fortune Magazine survey in partnership with Miller Heiman (the complex selling methodology gurus) found that sales people cited price as the number one reason why they lost deals. There has been much talk in the IT industry on both the buy- & sell side about ‘partnering’ to deliver solutions. Looking at the supporting data, it is doubtful whether this talk has translated into action. Whilst most organisations would like to believe... Continue reading
GETTING TO YES... Two people are engaged in a negotiation - one achieves his/her objective(s) and is pleased, whilst the other walks away disappointed with the outcome. How often have you felt dissatisfied with an agreement that you have reached? Have you ever entered into an agreement only to feel remorse soon after sealing the deal? SUCCESS VS FAILURE What then distinguishes success vs failure in business negotiations? Do we ascribe our business negotiation success to the characteristics & personality traits that we were born with, or are there conscious developmental actions that we can take to improve our negotiated... Continue reading
The Problem: Escalating prices across commodities & services are creating levels of pain for industry last seen during the 1970’s. After a period of sustained economic growth on a global scale, this provides most businesses with a new challenge – how to remain successful during times of declining economic expansion. How can we best deal with continuously rising cost pressure? For those of us negotiating on the sell side of businesses there is a need to convince our clients to accept the price increases that are an inevitable part of the business landscape. On the buy side, we have to... Continue reading
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Mar 16, 2010
Hi there and welcome to the 1st post on my new blog. Before I get into the details that will be covered by my blog, I would like to provide you with a brief snapshot of my profile so that you can understand why I am so passionate about negotiations. I am the Founder & Managing Director of Business Negotiation Solutions Limited (BNS), Headquartered in London. In our business we specialise in helping organisations and individuals to save time, increase profits and reduce expenses through the use of a combination of innovative and proven negotiation strategies, techniques, tools and tactics.... Continue reading
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Oct 9, 2009