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Hi Katy, great post - I love your writing style! Being part of team CeBIT Australia this year (and an exhibitor and presenter last year) and before all that, an enthusiastic attendee of this event for years, I can safely say that I have never been more excited about CeBIT than for this year's event. Of course as part of the team managing the Social Media Command Centre it's going to be enormous fun - you must stop by and say hi - but what I am really looking forward to is connecting with people at the event and listening to their stories and experiences of it all. Your readers might be interested in a story we wrote last week about Women in IT (to your point 6. above) Here it is: I would add a point 11 to your list too - the CeBIT StartUp event. Australia's largest ever Startup event and featuring your own Melissa Di Donato (Vice President, ISV and OEM / EMEA and APAC) speaking about industry support for Startups. See: Thanks for sharing Katy and bring on next week! Cheers Tony Hollingsworth Social Media Advisor Hannover Fairs Australia
Thanks Iggy. I always appreciate your insights. I agree, "social sellers" really encapsulate how social media can be used for business benefit. After all, people buy from people right?
Great to be reminded about this post (the best breakfast of my life this was!) via a serendipitous retweet from @DebKingGroove today.
Nielsen Park in Vaucluse, with views across Sydney Harbour. Centennial Park in Sydney's east. Take the road behind Centennial Park Cafe and find a spot amongst the beautiful gardens. Rabbits come out in the late afternoon! North Bondi: opposite Speedo's Cafe on Ramsgate Avenue. Beautiful view across the bay. Great coffee at Speedos! Botanical Gardens, city. Lady Macquarie's Chair, city.
I'm with Claire - Cremorne Point a favourite. McKell Park in Darling Point also close to my heart. We had our wedding photos done there, and that was where I courted @MrsH5 !
Trevor Spot on! I have had this same experience and couldn't agree more about the calibre of people on Twitter. This was a delight to read. The coffee mornings blossoming around Sydney are another example of the "offline" value. I also spoke to Tim Noonan about the "country town" aspect of Twitter and "tweetups" which you may find interesting: Cheers, Tony
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"A purpose tends to attach not to things, but to people" So true. Thanks for sharing this Gavin. I still often feel I am "rushing from experience to experience" and you've got me thinking again about the challenges of responsibility. So much to think about here. My sympathies for your loss: as a parent of a 10-year-old I cannot fathom how I would deal with that.
Toggle Commented Sep 28, 2010 on The Measure of a Life at Servant of Chaos
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Beautiful photos - thanks for sharing. Found you via @salisburydowns on Twitter. Cheers, Tony
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Hey Helen One of my colleagues loves his iPad but it gave him an "a-ha" moment when he installed TeamViewer HD - this app provides remote control over your PC: effectively no laptop is required, just take the iPad with you and you have connectivity back to your PCs in the offce - wow! See Cheers, Tony
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Myriam Robin and Catherine's words bring all the joys of the day flooding back. I was so thrilled to be part of your tour, I've been enjoying Judith Cantor's and my photos over and over. I repeat my comments on your earlier post about these remarkable tours. Thank you for being a fabulous host and making the tour so special. I will never forget it - we are so blessed in Sydney to have the finest food experiences - and you know where to find them! Cheers, Tony Hollingsworth
Myriam Just a quick note to say I have blogged about my experience on your tour, and posted photos here: Thank you for being a fabulous host and making the tour so special. I will never forget it - we are so blessed in Sydney to have the finest food experiences - and you know where to find them! Cheers, Tony Hollingsworth
Myriam you are spot on with those choices. My favourite cafe in Potts Point is Fratelli Paradiso. They do amazing Italian-style breakfasts. Lunch at Icebergs would have been a real treat too - I would recommend the bar area for a cheese plate and wine after the meal. Great views up the beach. The Strand Arcade is the most beautiful shopping arcade in Sydney - I bet they were impressed. I look forward to reading about more of your adventures - you certainly know the best of Sydney! Cheers Tony Hollingsworth