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Human Slaughter Houses in Cameroon (surgery rooms of hell) watch the video below and tell me where we are heading to.
Hi Sali, Wonders shall never end!!!! A red feather on your cap for that shocking revelation.
THAT PICTURE DEPICTS PAUL BIYA,A WOLF IN A SHEEP'S CLOTHING. He and his likes feed themselves when they need to be feeding the flocks.They skin the sheep alive to cloth themselves,leaving the sheep beaten, battered, and bloody to die.
IT'S HIGH TIME DIPOKO STOPPED DECEIVING THE WORLD "Even in London, there are corrupt police officers and politicians. Here in America, the situation is even worse. Apart from taking bribes, post office delivery men and women sell cocaine while delivering mails" Dipoko from the above quotation you failed to mention the number of times Britain and America have received the cup of the most corrupt countries in the world.Cameroon has been honoured with it twice.Your comparism is therefore incongruous. The government doesn't have sources to raise fund for equitable development through out the country but it has enough revenues to squander abroad and the rest for your uncles and cousins to stuff their pockets with. By the way I should equally read the names of your uncles,cousins etc.who have overflooded the banks of the prison of konangui for charges of embezzlement. Did I hear you mention the office of the Secretary General of the presidency of the Republic of Cameroon?What good can come out of it? That office itself depicts corruption. We are not the ones telling you but the world itself is revealing it. Even Barack Obama who is the world's top model has been criticised here and there but with you everything is always alright in Paul Biya's country as your comments have shown through out this forum.All the times you have been calling black white.Who are you deceiving,yourself or the world,and for what purpose?
I salute you Bob Bristol for the brief and apt analysis you have given above,though,it seems to call for further comments,which is just what has caught my attention for I was too emotional when I glanced over that masterpiece and consequently did not have words to portray or translate my feelings into lamentations. Well,I don't think that a people can be isolated,discriminated against or even suppressed just because of pronunciational differences in a country like ours. Even if that were the case,what will you make of the three NOTHERN REGIONS or what is usually referred to,as the Ground North? Some of their accents when they speak french are recorded and used to produce humour in some parts of the pays.I think you know exactly what I mean here.Yet,some of the key ministries in the country are entrusted to them,they even produced a president that ruled the country with an iron fist just like the present one. In spite of that flaw,their cities are not as abandoned as the one described above by Canute Tangwa.I want to re-assure you that all what Bamenda or southern cameroon in general is experiencing simply stems from a breach of faith.That is bad faith from across the Mungo. Negative connotations towards les Bamendas came as result of the advent or re-introduction of multipartism in cameroon in the Nineties. As Ma Mary rightly said,this came in through a Bamenda man,when Mr Fru Ndi and his people defied all odds and hoisted the SDF flag of green,white and green,though,they paid heavily for that as six brave sons succombed to the bullets of the brutal forces of la republique du camroun. With these issues at stake,Biya and his clique were some what taken aback and they tried but in vain to blackmail the SDF Party by disseminating negative information towards it:for instance,it was said that SDF and his leader were a group of terrorists who had come in from Nigeria,precisely the Biafras to distabilise the country and that the SDF flag was an adequate proof,they further tried to convince other members,sympathisers and well wishers across the country that it was all an anglophone affair etc.It is from here that all other types of negative tags labeled on the people of Bamenda can be stressed."Les Bamenda,les graffi,les anglophones marchent toujours à gauche" etc Fortunately enough,many have understood that these tags do not carry any special meanings but are used as a sight of relief on the part of their authors when they find themselves in any form of conflict with people from Bamenda and anglophones in general. Ma Mary,I would equally take "Baminda"as a "Red Badge of courage" and not of shame. Best regards.
Toggle Commented Nov 3, 2009 on I weep for Bamenda at Up Station Mountain Club
The brutal forces of La Republique du cameroun are at it again.Torturing,maiming,killing and capturing a helpless people whose only crime is that they voted massively for a union with that country now suppressing them. Oh!my God.
Toggle Commented Oct 30, 2009 on Photo: Douala Street at Up Station Mountain Club
Just another white truce? Well for the gullible ones.
Toggle Commented Oct 29, 2009 on Photo: Douala Street at Up Station Mountain Club
ALLAIN DIPOKO IS A PROFESSIONAL COMMENTATOR WHO HAS NO OTHER JOB AND WHO HAS RUN OUT OF IDEAS. One would expect Alain Dipoko to genuinely post some relevant stuff depicting the above DOUALA STREET PHOTO,yet,he squanders his time posting irrelevant comments that he has previously posted very many times. Anglophones earlier proclaimed themselves as a people with a problem during the historic All Anglophone Conference that was held in Buea in 1993.A people with a problem because we are been treated as a captive people. In every sense,Anglophones have been reduced to second class citizens in their own homeland, The Anglophones leaders are given ministerial posts without portfolios, You even cited some names of the so called anglophones leaders whom you said have been bought over and cannot claim to be serving the interests of the Anglos,but are there for self aggrandizement.etc,etc. To confirm this,some years ago,the former prime minister Mr Peter Mafany Musonge labeled North westerners residing in the Southwest province as settlers while the former governor termed them "cam not go" A divide and rule policy at its worst. Even Simon Achidi Achu from the Northwest region has an untold story conceived during a series of elections. The former prime minister peter Mafany Musonge was at one time rebuked during his reign by the the director of Ecole Normale Superieur for asking him to consent and allow students writing the competitive exams who had arrived a few minutes late.The Director besides refusing to obey,retorted"Il se croit oû?" That is the type of humiliation they themselves suffer under such a junta. After all,when one hears a house has fallen,does one need to ask if it fell with the ceiling? So,we know that the anglophones leaders and their ministerial posts without portfolios or whatever are not serving the interests of the southern cameroonians,you need not remind us day in,day out.We publicly proclaimed it and the whole world knows about it.Strive for new ideas since you have no other duty. We have re-iterated time and again that we are orphans and want our country back and yet you ironically turn to tell us to join the biafras,something we would yearn for if compared to la Republique francaise du cameroun. So,from today if you were illy informed about our status,know that we know who we are.
Toggle Commented Oct 29, 2009 on Photo: Douala Street at Up Station Mountain Club
IT IS PARADOXICAL THAT Dipoko IS SO IGNORANT. It seems as if you have just learnt about the Menchum fall and all that you have mentioned now but it is no news to us because we were taught about that in primary school that Cameroon wouldn't have been suffering from acute load shedding if the potentials of those areas were judiciously developed for exploitation especially the Menchum fall that has a capacity of generating electric current that could be used through out West Africa. The very fact that these potentials are found in Southern Cameroon makes the Biya's regime to be reluctant over developing them.It is an investigated fact. La Republique du Camroun even went as far as killing the existing ones like POWERCAM etc.what about the limbe deep Seaport?we have larger vessels which can only anchor in limbe seaport.why was it transferred to Douala? I do not have enough time to go into details. It is one of the main reasons why Southern Cameroonians want their country back because of La Republique du cameroun's discriminative and oppressive nature. You must have been very tipsy in taking so much time writing such a garbage which is charactristic of frogs.It is like wearing your coat inside-out. Once again,we southern cameroonians will wring ourselves free from la republic du cameroun either by hook or by crook.Freedom as we all know is never given on a platter of gold. You can go on ranting as usual.
sorry,shaked should read as shaken.
I salute you prince Larry Ayamba for digging up and displaying that "high spurring"document from one of the greatest freedom fighters that ever lived. I hope this letter will spur many of us into action.It will awaken many of us who genuinely want to see Southern Cameroon free from bondage,colonisation,forces of occupation etc.And above all those who want to leave behind an immaculate legacy for posterity.Let's all put our hands on deck to get our future siblings free from this scorge. The pace has been set and the light is already visible at the tunnel.A little more effort and the yoke will finally be shaked off,no matter the number of mercenaries employed by the respondent state to distract us from our purpose. More grease to your elbow. Thanks.