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The Berlin wall coming down is one of the occasions where I remember exactly where I was standing when I heard about it. Typically this type of memory is devoted to unhappy news. This was one of the occasions where me and my entire family ran to the tv to watch it. Being born in a communist country (now democratic) as well, it hit home pretty hard. it was a very happy day.
Toggle Commented Nov 12, 2009 on Berlin Celebrates at WorldCAD Access
I suppose its only fair to thorw in some non-english headlines from other countries: FRENCH: L'Usine Nouvelle Dassault Systèmes rachète à IBM l'activité dédiée à ses logiciels CATALAN: Economía/Empresas.- Dassault Systèmes compra activos a IBM por 600 Thai: จำหน่ายอะไหล่พริ้นเตอร์ - อะไหล่ปริ้นเตอร์, อะไหล่พริ้นเตอร์ French - a must really, for these news. Catalan - becuase I visited there and its a cool place, and not so far from France. Thai - no good reason really. but it did hit the news there. Disclosure - I dont speak French, Catalan, or Thai, but I am assuming that google does.
What would be even cooler, would be to hit up jaded talkbackers with a fine. For example, I am part of a vendor (ok, still in stealth, but nonetheless), but I identify myself with my real name and organization. Having talkbackers/responders with made up identities posing as customers - that should be a punishable misrepresentation.
That IS a good idea! nice.
Toggle Commented Oct 6, 2009 on Making Euros From Free at WorldCAD Access