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I want a do over....
...although I'd love a chance to see them 'properly'. It's sort of hard to 'forgive' when you feel ripped off...
I half agree. "here is nothing worse than this kind of unfortunate let down after money, time, and energy, go into one simple night out --- with the expectation it will be truly enjoyable and memorable evening" You are absolutely right. As for the band doing their job vs. the promoters? Ultimately, in any situation there is one person who has full accountability. It's the CEO, or it's the President of the United States, or it's 'The Band'. They have our money and they got our time. It's not like I was just in a 'bad mood' or the weather was crappy so I didn't have fun - they played a show that due to bad planning / promoter whatever, was a total rip off. Promoter may have caused the problem? But in my opinion the band owns it. They may choose to never address it - most likely the case. I'd love to hope for something from them addressing it - I was robbed of my time and my money. I can't say I'd rush to see them again - It was a debacle .
O.K. - post below? THey were right on the mark. THat was one of the worst concert experiences ever. I'm such a fan, it was the biggest dissapointment - when I wasn't in line - which was like 1/2 the... Continue reading
Posted Oct 25, 2009 at