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Elizabeth Grossman
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Here are the whooping cranes we saw at the Necedah National Wildlife Refuge. Listen carefully and you should be able to hear them along the with the sandhill cranes. Yesterday, October 10th, those of us who were on the Baraboo River dam removal tour got to the Aldo Leopold "Shack" in time to walk down to the river as the sun was beginning to set. Sandhill cranes were coming in. As we stood watching the skeins of cranes come in from across the water, two bluebirds took off from a snag a few yards down the beach. Continue reading
At this evening's dinner to open the 2009 SEJ conference in Madison, Tia Nelson, daughter of the late Senator Gaylord Nelson – known as the "father of Earthday" and for his landmark work in environmental protection and preservation, that included legislation to protect the Appalachian trail, curtail use of DDT, and to restrict strip mining – posed a challenge to environmental journalists as she discussed the legacy of her father's work, his work ethic, and philosophy. Talking about the urgency of taking decisive action to halt the forces of climate change, she said, "The press has done a stunning job... Continue reading