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This battery can be recharged and it can be refueled, both, just like any redox flow battery. The point is, when you are in a hurry you, you have the option to refuel quickly. This is a strange company, combining a new type of redox flow battery with great specs with a superduper sportlimousine. Who cares about the sportlimousine if anything they claim about the battery is true. We all know that electric motors are much better than ICE motors, that is not the big story about this 'Quant' car. Just prove this nanoflowcell battery to the world,'Quant'.
Carbon (grahpene) and silicon are very common elements, so if the cathode problem has been solved I expect this technology to go mainstream soon after. How many recharge cycles reduce the capacity of this battery to 80% of the initial capacity? This would be a super car battery if combined with supercaps that also have graphene electrodes (in order to reduce peak currents and overheating).
And how does "Ricardo" come to this strange conclusion that the production of EV cars require more energy than ICE cars??? The ice motor is so much more complicated than an electric motor. Do they keep in mind that batteries can be recycled much more easily than any other part of the ice car? Personally I don't believe the conclusion of "Ricardo". The UK elite (as well as the Dutch elite) are traditionally involved with oil (its their business).
Downscaling of size, but also reducing resistance, for instance the should get much more support.
BCG apparently has a crystal ball. Mass produced electric motors can be much cheaper than ICE motors, and this can compensate (for the time being) the extra expenses for batteries. The question of car economy is always complex and difficult, therefore focussing on just 1 negative aspect of the electric car is naive.
It is a Sovjet Union communist style taxation that will discourage the Dutch people to travel, while it has nothing to do with wasting fuel. The Dutch government and civil servants are like a waterhead: it grows and grows, has no intelligence, and costs more and more money. And guess who has to deliver the money?
How to lie with statistics ... - sediment cores register for many thousand of years the abundance of 'mosquito like midgets' (?? midget like mosquitos??). - the resolution of the data is rather high, variations within 50 year periods are clearly visible. Assume the shortest time interval to measure the abundance of 'midgets' (mosquitos?) is about 10 years, otherwise how to conclude there is a steep decline the last 50 to 60 years (??). This means the researchers must have made 20000 samples and counted the midgets per sample. How accurate are each of these samples: is each sample really spanning about 10 years, or do older samples span many more years than accounted for by the researchers? Are they really counting 'midgets'; maybe the older samples contain many 'non-midgets' mistaken by the researchers for 'midgets' ?? even several midget species are mentioned: I really wonder if such observations can be made from very old ice-core samples. Etc, etc, and many many more critical remarks can be made. The end-conclusion can be just another "mistake" (I am not speculating about political agendas and who is paying these researchers for what ever reason). If you ask me, the research results are too wonderful to be true, so do the conclusions have any credibility?